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Mar 8, 2009 06:09 PM


Im looking for a nice after work spot to get raw oysters. Other food is nice but mostly concerned with the oysters. Anywhere to get a dozen deal instead of singles? Oyster stew recommendations appreciated too. Thanks!

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  1. Go to Aquagrill (210 Spring St in Soho). They have the best selection in my opinion. Don't know if they have specials, you might need to call. Not sure where you work so it might be a little out of the way...

    1. Not sure where is convenient for you , but the Grand Central Oyster bar fits the bill for both raw oysters and oyster stew. The oyster stew is great. For raw there are many places. Acqua Grill, Docks, BLT fish, Pastis, Mary's, Pearl Oyster Bar, I'm not sure who sells by the dozen,,, At 5 Points I think Oysters are $1 each during happy hour

      1. I was told by a former waiter at Flex mussels that they do a great job on oysters as well. Haven't tried personally. Upper east 82-bet 3rd/lex

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            What we need is an updated list of happy hour oyster specials. Too much has happened with the restaurant economy since the last posting.

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              I second that. The most recent is 2007.
              So to revise my original post...
              Any recomendations for raw oysters happy hour specials? Location not too much of an issue (midtown/UES) preferable.

          2. i had some amazing oysters at momofuku noodle 2 weeks ago. creamy and briny at the same time