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Im looking for a nice after work spot to get raw oysters. Other food is nice but mostly concerned with the oysters. Anywhere to get a dozen deal instead of singles? Oyster stew recommendations appreciated too. Thanks!

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  1. Go to Aquagrill (210 Spring St in Soho). They have the best selection in my opinion. Don't know if they have specials, you might need to call. Not sure where you work so it might be a little out of the way...

    1. Not sure where is convenient for you , but the Grand Central Oyster bar fits the bill for both raw oysters and oyster stew. The oyster stew is great. For raw there are many places. Acqua Grill, Docks, BLT fish, Pastis, Mary's, Pearl Oyster Bar, I'm not sure who sells by the dozen,,, At 5 Points I think Oysters are $1 each during happy hour

      1. I was told by a former waiter at Flex mussels that they do a great job on oysters as well. Haven't tried personally. Upper east 82-bet 3rd/lex

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            What we need is an updated list of happy hour oyster specials. Too much has happened with the restaurant economy since the last posting.

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              I second that. The most recent is 2007.
              So to revise my original post...
              Any recomendations for raw oysters happy hour specials? Location not too much of an issue (midtown/UES) preferable.

          2. i had some amazing oysters at momofuku noodle 2 weeks ago. creamy and briny at the same time


            1. This has been bothering me for a while as well. Below is your request. I'll update if I find more deals (so sad when Sapa closed down, but I found so many more great oyster happy hour deals all over the city):

              The Ten Bells
              5-7 M-F, 3-7 Sat-Sun, $1 each

              Wednesday & Saturday, 5-7:30, $1 each

              Monday & Thursday 6-12am, $1 each

              Shaffer City Oyster Bar & Grill
              M-F, 4-7, $1.50 each

              M-F, 3-7, $1 oysters, $0.50 clams

              Lure Fishbar
              M-F, 5-7, $1 each, Malpeques

              PJ Clarke's (financial center only)
              M-F, 4-7, $0.75 each

              M-F, 4-6, $1 each, blue points

              M-Sun, 12-12, 1/2 doz blue points and a PBR or house red or white, $8

              Mara's Homemade
              M-Sun, 5-10:30, Louisiana Oysters, dozen for $9, Monday nights $0.50 oysters

              L'orange Bleue
              M-F, 5-7, $1 each

              McCormick & Schmick's
              M-F, 5-7, 3 for $5

              M-F, 5-7, a dozen for $10

              Five Points
              M-Sun, 5-7, $2 each

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                Wow, thanks, very cool! I punched all that into a Google Map


                Searching for "Fish NYC" didn't narrow down to one restaurant, what restaurant is it? (and only one Dock's as per LNG212's update.)

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                    sorry wasn't more clear:

                    Docks Oyster Bar & Seafood Grill
                    633 THIRD AVENUE @ 40TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10017 (212) 986-8080

                    280 Bleecker St, New York 10014
                    (Btwn Jones St & 7th Ave S)
                    (212) 727-2879

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                      Thanks, I added it! And I'm so grateful for this info, you don't know. I eat a dozen oysters once if not twice a week, and i'm usually paying $3 each. I had no idea this parallel universe existed.

                      If you are interested, shoot me an email and I can give you "edit" rights on the oyster map.

                      I saw an announcement of $1 oysters at City Lobster (their "Five Buck Shuck", cute), anybody know if it's any good? It's not good in general, I know that firsthand, but if an oyster is $1 and fresh and in Midtown...

                      City Lobster and Steak
                      121 West 49th Street, New York, NY 10020

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                  I was at Essex one oyster night at and they weren't worth ingesting. Sometimes a bargain is no bargain.

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                    I'll update the map with your comment, but no good why? bland? off-taste (like metallic, etc.)? or skunky old tasting?

                    I'm asking because people always talk about where oysters come from, and I've never really kept track. I love oysters from the northeast US/Canada, they taste fresh and strongly of the sea. When people start naming them and shipping them around the globe, I often find they get blander and blander to my palate so I don't see the charm in it.

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                      same here. i tried acme for the first time this past week and the oysters were traumatizing. they were big oysters, but dry, tasteless, and the aftertaste was like i had a coin in my mouth and it wouldn't go away. never had an oyster that bad.

                      usually the oysters for happy hour around the city are blue points.

                      the ones at lure are malpeques, which taste like water when you first slurp it up, but the aftertaste is so refreshing that you want to eat 4 dozen in one sitting.

                      the best oyster happy hour i've had so far is at dock's on 40th and 3rd (the oysters change daily), and the ones i had yesterday were cortes island which were a touch briny, full flavored and just plain wonderful. they're from the northern part of british columbia.

                      thanks acidity, i will add city lobster to my places to try.

                      1. re: acidity

                        It was a while back, but as I remember it, the discounted oysters at Essex tasted unfresh. Not terrifyingly reeking, more drab and zingless and warm. I think I got one down politely and thought it best not to continue.

                  2. The best oyster stew I have ever had was at the John Dory. It may not be the best deal but it's the best tasting. If you get there early-ish (before 7pm), you can grab a seat at the bar and order from there w/o making a reservation.

                    1. Hey there, Englander here with a question - we're coming to NY next month and I'm planning to swing by Grand Central for some Oysters (for the atmosphere and location as much as anything), but here in the UK we have a saying that oysters should only be eaten in months with an 'r' in them, in other words they taste better during cooler months. Do you guys have anything similar or does it not apply because your oysters come from different waters?

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                        It depends. Where did the oyster come from (the season varies upon where it was harvested)? And how was it stored before it got to you (are you confident that it has arrived alive, sans bacteria and toxins, whatever)?

                        It used to be that experts said not to eat them in the summer because for two reasons: possible spoilage, and getting a tasteless oyster that had spawned. Neither of these are issues any more.

                        Some oysters now come from the Pacific Ocean, and these Pacific oysters have been altered to spawn very lightly, so that most of us can't even taste the difference in the summer.

                        From the New York Times:

                        "Decades ago, oysters were not harvested or sold in the summertime mainly because of the heat. But it is no longer difficult to keep oysters chilled in transit or in a restaurant, even on the sultriest days.

                        Sandy Ingber, the buyer for the Oyster Bar in Grand Central Station, said, "Oysters spawn for a few weeks, not all summer, so there are always some available that are not spawning." He added that he rejects any shipments he receives of spawning oysters.

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                          I have always eaten oysters in the "R" months including Mray, Jrune, Jurly, Aurgust.

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                          guttergourmet Jul 03, 2006 04:47PM

                        2. i strongly recommend that you avoid Fish on Bleeker: low quality control and lengendarily obnoxious management...