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Mar 8, 2009 05:48 PM

pink lady apples

Where can I find pink lady apples? They're not the tiny lady apples, but regular size apples. Thanks!

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  1. I see them at Fairways.

    1. I'm pretty sure they have them at Westside Market (the one on 14th and 7th).

      1. My favorite type of apple. I bought some today from Agata & Valentina on 79th and 1st.

        1. Union Square Greenmarket. Usually they're gone by this time of year, but Locust Grove still has them (Wednesdays and Saturdays). They're my favorite.

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            Locust Grove will have them for a few more weeks. There is also a vendor on the east side of the park that has them on Saturdays. Price is $2 per pound at both stands. I am a fanatic about these apples!

            1. re: scrittrice

              Locust Grove has had them at the 97th Street greenmarket as well.

            2. The ones I get at the Union Square Farmer's Market are only available for a couple of months in the fall. Starting in December, in my experience, they are also more variable in quality.