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Mar 8, 2009 05:39 PM

Favorite places for sushi-Westchester

Any suggestions for good, fresh sushi in Westchester?

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  1. I recommend Fujinoya on Central Avenue in Hartsdale - it's the best I've tried in the area.

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      I think Hajime in Harrison is excellent. I know "reasonably-priced" and "sushi" don't always go together (or shouldn't always) considering you're looking for quality and fresh ingredients, but here it's ok.
      Have not tried their omakase but I've heard some people say it's better than Sushi Nanase, a restaurant I also enjoy, and one that seems to be highly-regarded.

      1. re: SharonNY

        I realize that I am a little bit late to the party here, but I recently ate at Nanase and was very pleasantly surprised. Not that I expected worse, I just couldn't believe this little gem had eluded me for so long! They are reservations-only, and a full house would consist of about 20 people, so plan ahead if you intend to go. There are exactly two people, one man (sushi chef) and one woman (foh), working there, in plain view (and earshot) of the patrons, which makes for a very intimate experience. The sushi was the best I have ever had in Westchester, which includes at Azuma, Haiku, Mike's, Koo, Toyo, and others. Eel, sea urchin, salmon and tuna were top notch. I also enjoyed a delicious Japanese beer special (I unfortunately forgot the name- had never seen it before): 18 oz. bottle for $7.50, not bad. Expect to pay a bit more than the typical Westchester sushi restaurant.