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Mar 8, 2009 04:51 PM

Jamaican Oxtails

I go to Golden Crust, which is a chain, and i'm sure there are better quality Jamaican or West Indian restaurants in the city. The oxtails at Golden Crust are really good. I would like some recs on some good Jamaican restaurants that have oxtails. Another dish I like is curried goat.

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  1. Fatman's on 145th ST. Otherwise, you have to head to the outter boros for the real deal, such as Frank's Soup Bowl in the Bronx.

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    1. re: Ora

      thanks, the real deal is what i want

    2. A Jamaican co-worker of mine often split an order of the oxtail stew from the Jamaican Dutchy (cart on 51st and 7th ave). I enjoy it; she loves it and vouches for their authenticity. I personally do not like their curried goat, since I find the seasoning sort of one-dimensional (no 'layers' of flavor like the jerk chicken has), but I've heard that the preparation is pretty authentic.

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        I find that cart to be spotty and expensive for what it is. But, if you hit them on the right day, the food came be just good. But, I've also had some "off" days from them too.
        Also their patties are simply terrible--seriously. Try a patty from Kingston Tropical Bakery on 226St & White Plains. You would not touch the patties from Jamaican Duchy.

        1. re: Ora

          Ah, I know, Ora. :) I actually meant to include a final line in there about how Ora knows Jamaican food better than I do and doesn't much like the Jamaican Dutchy, but it got left off in my haste to post (had to make a meeting). I agree with you re: the patties and the increasingly ridiculous prices; I really do think the jerk chicken is great and the oxtail stew good / very good for Manhattan, including places I've tried in upper Manhattan. I'll go try Fatman's and do a comparison. Thanks for being such a fantastic resource on this board for Jamaican food!!

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              try the Yvonne Yvonne truck, their oxtail is definitely better than Jamaican Dutchy cart...i linked my review in my response below

        2. Not to the point, but I hate Golden Crust. The only thing I like of theirs is the patties.

          Has anyone tried Daphne's oxtails? (It's been years since I had their oxtails, since I always get the jerk pork instead.)

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            With the caveat that I usually go to the Golden Krust branch on Nostrand Av. near Flatbush:

            In addition to the patties, which are usually passable (I prefer the chicken ones), the chicken foot soup is soothing and good. I think it's good - FOR A CHAIN.

            As for Daphne, I used to like it in its former location, across 14th St., but I'm not sure whether I've ever gotten anything from them since then.

            1. re: Pan

              If you want oxtails, authentic, I would very highly recommend The Islands on Washington Ave. in Brooklyn (though really I recommend everything on the menu - the jerk, the curry, anything). The place is very small, better suited for takeout, but it does have a small dining area up a cramped staircase. For a dining experience, Sugarcane on Flatbush Avenue is very, very good (food great, service makes one wish it overlooked a beach, so at least there's a view - but I'm there for food, and it's great).

              If you wany a patty, please (for the love of god) quit going to Golden Krust. You can get a decent one at Christine's on Flatbush (a little too much pastry for me), but you can get an EXCELLENT one (try the jerk or curry chicken or the spicy beef) at Little Miss Muffin N Her Stffn on Park Place near Flatbush Ave. (literally a hole in the wall with the best patties this side of Brooklyn - they close at 7, promptly and tend to run out of good stuff by the end of the day). end the golden krust insanity - pls

              oh, and if you want roti, gloria's on nostrand @ sterling is the place to get it.

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                I'm continuing this part of the thread in the Outer Boroughs board here:


                Thanks in advance for any help you can give me in that thread.

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                  I tried The Islands and thought it was terrible. I had jerk chicken with rice and peas and cabbage. Cabbage=overcooked and tasteless. Rice and peas=also overcooked mushy and simply saturated with coconut milk, uninteresting in the extreme. Jerk chicken=very uninspired spices that didn't seem to penetrate the boring flavorless chicken. I PASS.

                2. re: Pan

                  Most of the clientele at Golden Crust is West Indian. They find the food acceptable. I think the oxtails are good there,,the patties are not as good as Tower Isle, but with coco bread they get better. In jamaica the oxtails and curried goat were better than Golden Crust ,but for a chain they do a good job. So to hate them ,maybe harsh. The one on worth st just closed. I usually go to the one midtown or downtown brooklyn. On Springfield blvd there is another chain across from golden crust, that is better,I forget the name i think it's Tropic something

                  1. re: foodwhisperer

                    I sometimes work near Port Authority and occasionally drop in at a nearby Golden Krust. Best Jamaican in New York? Not close - I've been to places along Flatbush and Church, and that's my point of reference. But as a quick midtown lunch option it's a nice change of pace from those countless identical delis, chained or not.

              2. Under d Tree in Harlem as well as People's Choice also in Harlem. People's Choice is take out only but if it is a nice day you can sit in Jackie Robinson Park and enjoy them.

                Under D Tree
                182 Lenox Ave, New York, NY 10026

                People's Choice
                2733 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York, NY 10039

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