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Mar 8, 2009 04:31 PM

Restaurant at Rhinecliff Hotel

We finally got to the restaurant at the renovated Rhinecliff Hotel for dinner. It was a little surreal to be in the same space as the old Rhinecliff Hotel - what used to be a very rundown grubby bar and music venue has been completely overhauled. If you were ever there in the past - you will know what I mean.

But they have done a lovely job in fixing the old place up and when the weather gets better the outdoor riverside patio will be outstanding. It is just the right mix of casual and elegant. At least I think so...

Even better, we had a wonderful dinner - the menu is great - inventive and seasonal choices with a good range. It is also moderately priced for the quality of food and cooking . Everything was perfectly prepared, and delicious. Portions were generous. Service was if anything too attentive, but we were there early in the evening nd the waitstaff seemed eager to go. We had pretty much no major complaints and will definitely go back soon. It is worth seeing it for its setting alone.

They had a nice selection of draft beer (also moderately priced) and wine list that was a bit puzzling however as there were no American wines offered. Not sure why that is but we had drafts anyway.

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  1. Was just there recently to celebrate 2 couples 40th anniversary. Yes the rooms are lovely. We did not, though, have the same experience as you. Some ordered steak, it was awful, grissily. Service was terrible. One of our party asked our waitress what came with the duck. "Nothing", she said, its protein on a plate". Not a place I'd go back to.

    1. Can anyone verify that they have an $18 hamburger? Does it come with a bun or fries, or is it just protein on a plate?

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        Actually they have a $29 hamburger, however it has foie gras and various other gourmet touches. I don't remember all of the sides but it is more than protein on a plate.

        The other burger is $14 but comes with french fries, sundried tomato ketchup and home made mayo. Extras like Stilton or bacon were $2 each - a bit steep. That was one of our only complaints.

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          I checked the link and it is not a 20% off coupon, it is a $25 coupon that you purchase in advance for $17.50, and you can use one per person, so you save $7.50 per person, regardless of the price of dinner, which I assume will generally make the savings less than 20%. If you read the blurb that goes with this offer, you will notice that the proprietors don't know the difference between a brasserie and a brassiere. That could lead to some interesting complications!

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            like if you found a coupon for a brassiere 80% off...that might attract a crowd

        2. Haven't stayed there because I live locally but I have eaten there and would support Doreen's previous comments. Though the beer selection is a good one, my Shepherds Pie and my wife's Salmon were BOTH inedible. The service also was dreadful. Once was definitely enough.

          1. Close friends who I consider "foodies" at there during the restaurant week specials and raved about their meals.