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Mar 8, 2009 04:16 PM

I need a BBQ caterer in Ft. Collins, CO

I live in Seattle and am trying to plan a 70th birthday party for my father-in-law in Ft. Collins, CO. Can anyone recommend a caterer that does a great job with a cook out theme. He loves BBQ and wants the party to be fairly casual. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

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  1. These guys cater and everyone loves their food:

    They are in Longmont but I'm sure they will come up to Fort Collins - about 30 minutes away.

    1. Albert's Pit Barbeque,

      I've never used them but have been to successful parties that Albert's has catered.

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        Strange, they (Albert P-BBQ) weren't even listed in Yelp let alone reviewed. I added them to the Yelp database but didn't review them.

      2. Tina, I went to an AHA (homebrewer's) event at Odell Brewery a couple years back (August 06 I believe) and they had excellent BBQ (I'm a home smoker and pretty particular) catered by a local company with a big pit on wheels, canopy tents, warmers for baked beans, coolers for potato salad, all the necessary stuff for easily 200-300 folks...obviously they could do a smaller gig but I was impressed.

        I cannot remember the name but the people at the brewery would know, I'd suggest calling Odell. I believe Doug Odell's wife, whose name I also don't recall (yikes, I'm like NO help), is kind of the detail-oriented manager type over there...

        EDIT TO ADD--I just clicked on Claire's link and this MAY be the company; I remember their card was red and yellow in these exact shades or something pretty darn close...

        1. The original comment has been removed