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Mar 8, 2009 03:21 PM

Brunch In Downtown Cleveland

My husband and I are attending a Sunday Cleveland Caveliers game that starts at one pm. We are looking for a restaurant in the area of Quicken Loans Arena (Ontario, Prospect, East 9th) that serves a reasonably priced brunch. Buffet or Table service doesn't matter. Just good quickish service!


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  1. There are not a lot of great options in that area. I'd recommend a detour to Tremont and Lucky's Cafe.

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      I agree with NancyH- there are very few options immediately downtown other than less-than-inspired hotel brunches. Aside from Lucky's, you can venture to W. 25th- the Flying Fig just started offering a great brunch.

    2. I believe the Chophouse (W 6th) does brunch:

      There is also the gospel brunch at HOB:

      Personally, I would skip both and head to Lucky's in Tremont. GREAT food:

      1. Thanks to all for your help, so far!

        1. juniper grille? used to have great breakfasts at least. and is close.