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Mar 8, 2009 03:20 PM

making chicken stock in a crockpot?

Has anyone done this with good results? I don't know why it wouldn't turn out fine, but I figured I would ask before possibly ruining a perfectly good chicken.


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  1. Search this board for : chicken stock crockpot crock pot, selecting for relevance rather than chronology. There are many dozens of posts.

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      duh! i didn't sort by relevance. thanks!

    2. Yes but don't use the whole chicken. Use the carcass, parts, etc.

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      1. re: chowser

        I quite agree with chowser...backs, wing tips, etc. will suffice for this method! You WILL obtain a nice stock by the way, rebs!

        1. re: Val

          3rd that - don't waste good chicken meat on a stock. Use the leftover bits and such like the neck/back, bones, etc. You could potentially use the meat in things like soup or otherwise, but it tends to get very dry and very stringy.

      2. I love this and find it surprisingly easy. I just toss whatever is leftover after I've roasted a chicken into the crock pot with some aromatic vegetables, fill it with water, and leave it on all night.

        1. Definitely the way to go! It's effortless. There's no risk of a boil. You get great flavor and a load of gelatine.

          I always do it after Thanksgiving or a roasted chicken. In between, I collect bones and parts in the freezer until I have enough for a stock.

          1. I made the mistake of doing it with a whole chicken one time. The chicken was beyond flavorless. Ick! Like sawdust! But the stock was fabulous.
            I have two crockpots. One is a small (maybe 2 qt?) special from Wal-Mart that cost about $7 that fits the carcass from one roasted chicken to produce about 1 quart of stock. It's just perfect for regular use. Makes sure that I always have a little fresh stock on hand in the fridge.
            The big crockpot gets used for big batches.
            One advantage is that the stock is very clear since it never boils. Leave it on overnight while you sleep. Strain the solids out in the morning and let the fat solidify in the fridge during the day. Perfect stock by evening.