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Mar 8, 2009 03:16 PM

Great BBQ in Rockville?

Has anybody eaten any great BBQ in Rockville - besides Urban and Rocklands?

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  1. There's also O'Briens and Red, Hot and Blue.

    People on this board have mixed opinions about O'Briens - it's definitely the most "low brow" of any of the BBQ places locally. Personally, I like their chopped brisket sandwich but I think their chicken and pork is too dry.

    Red, Hot and Blue is a chain, of course, but I think their sausage is worthwhile as is their salad with chicken and brisket with BBQ ranch dressing (consider that a guilty pleasure).

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      Is O'Brien's still around? I thought I read here a couple of months back that there was no something different at the location. This is of academic interest since I haven't been there in years, not since I worked in the area. I thought their BBQ (then) was decent, but the Red Hot and Blue that's five minutes from where I live is equally adequate for a fix now and then.

      1. re: MikeR

        Well, it's rebranded to "Branded '72", but it's the same owner and location.

    2. Urban BBQ had slid down my list until I read last week's post in CityPaper. Has anyone tried the Q coming out of their new smoker? Is it as good as Tim Carman sez?

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        I went recently and thought the BBQ Chicken was fantastic... far better than rocklands

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          I had the brisket the other day for lunch. It is super smoky and tender, next time i will try it without the sauce, It can be a bit cloying. I am getting a group of guys together for this Saturday at Urban. They are serving their meats straight out of the smoker from 9-11 AM.
          See you there!

        2. Marcpo, Rockville has a serious lack of BBQ mojo. Believe me, we moved there in 1972 and I've seen the various American-style BBQ places rise & fall....come & go. There are only three local places that I'd say are worth a damn. O'Brien's is good when the food is fresh, but quality seems to go up and down. Rocklands is about the same. Urban BBQ is probably the freshest and most interesting of the bunch. However, none of these places would hold a candle to the average Carolina, Texas, or Kansas City BBQ joint. None of these places offer enough of a value or differentiated product, to lure me away from Famous Dave's (located in Gaithersburg).

          HOWEVER, I'd invite you to consider a BBQ alternative in Rockville - Brazilian BBQ (known as churrascaria). There is a restaurant called Greenfields on Rockville Pike and if you've never experienced it, you must go. It's a flat-rate of $18 for lunch and $32 for dinner. The incredible cold bar, salad bar, and hot entree buffet would be worth the price. But, then a parade of waiters constantly circulate between the dining room and the kitchen with FRESH, HOT skewers of various wood BBQ'd meats - all kinds of beef cuts, lamb, chicken, sausage, and even some unusual things like chicken hearts. It's probably one of the best values in the area. It's a nice, white-linen environment, but its not fussy. Go in there with an appetite!

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          1. re: Sean D

            I'll partially agree with Sean D - Urban is the best of the bunch (and is a couple of notches higher with their new smoker), but it's still not "great" BBQ. But I'll argue vehemently with his placement of Famous Dave's - I'd put FD's even below O'Brien's, Rocklands, and Red Hot & Blue.

            Greenfield is a nice place - we go maybe once a year. But I have to say that the quality is down markedly from it's peak 6 or 7 years ago.

            1. re: DanielK

              Can you site specifics as to why you put FD's below the others you cited above. I don't find their Q that offensive

              1. re: alaint1976

                They don't smoke the meats, they have 170 locations, their BBQ sauce is more corn syrup than anything else, I don't know, that just doesn't sound like a place for BBQ.


                1. re: DanielK

                  And the bottom line is that Famous Dave's BBQ tastes terrible.

                  1. re: skipper

                    >> And the bottom line is that Famous Dave's BBQ tastes terrible.

                    Well, yeah, but I was responding to the request to provide more details beyond that. :-)

          2. Marcpo,

            I know you're looking for BBQ in Rockville, but if you ever end up down around the Woodbridge, VA area (near the IKEA), there is a little place called Dixie Bones. It's owned by Nelson Head who once owned the (now-defunct) Heads BBQ restaurants in the DC area. It's very homestyle. On Sundays, they have a BBQ brunch.