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Mar 8, 2009 03:14 PM

Sunday dinner and music in/near Warehouse District

Looking for recommendations for low-key not-too-expensive dinner today in or near the Warehouse District which is not packed with tourists. I have been in NO for a couple of days already and thanks to Chowhound recs, I have been to the following restaurants which I loved (in order of love): Elizabeths, Casamentos, Yo Mama's crawfish boil, Cochon, Dragos for charbroiled oysters. Looking for a place where locals would go.

Also any places to see live music in this area would be appreciated. Went to Preservation Hall last night which was a lot of fun but short.


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  1. Try Tommy's for Italian, Rio Mar for Spanish or La Boca for steak. Live music, Republic or Howling Wolf. Check your local listings.....