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Best Mac & Cheese in Monmouth-Ocean Counties NJ

Interested in your suggestions for the best mac & cheese in NJ, specifically the Ocean/Monmouth County areas?

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  1. If you are ever out in the Highlands try Bay Avenue Trattoria which has the best mac and cheese that I have ever tasted anywhere. Made by the chef/owner Joe Romanowski it is creamy, smooth - wonderful. You will love it!

    1. I love the mac and cheese from the Flakey Tart in Atlantic Highlands. Coming in at second for me is Brickwall in Asbury.

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        I agree with dani. Mac and cheese at the Flaky Tart is so very good.

        Flaky Tart
        145 1st Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ

      2. I am not really a mac and cheese type of guy - but I did like it at the Brickwall in Asbury Park. I had the right balance of cheese and pasta.

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          I enjoyed the Soul food & Mac & Cheese at Jameson's in Neptune....


        2. Thanks for the suggestions! I've enjoyed Brickwall Tavern's mac and cheese on several occasions, but I am dying to try the Flaky Tart's version. If it is anywhere near the level of their pastries, I am in for a real treat!

          1. Jameson's is the best with it's crunchy burnt top and cheezy infused mac. Joe Romanowski makes a good one (my favorite restauranteur here at the Northshore for the past 20 years) as chimed by a few others above.

            But Jameson's.....damn. If it weren't for Bob 'limiting' how much you can order, I'd ask for a full sheet and pay a half a yard for that stuff. It's that good.

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              I'll second Jameson's and although I haven't had it in a while (since they closed their Ocean location) I used to love the Mac sold at Hinck's Turkey Farm.

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                I gotta try the Mac at jameson's i pass the place all the time

            2. Three words: Hinck's Turkey Farm