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Mar 8, 2009 02:53 PM

non "mammal" andouille for gumbo?

I know, it's sacrilidge. But I'd like to do a shrimp gumbo for my family and my daughter doesn't eat mammals. Fish and poultry are ok. Is there any reasonable substitute for the andouille? Do they make "turkey andouille" (I know, shudder). It seems the gumbo kind of needs the kick that it provides. Thank you!

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  1. There really is no such thing as poultry Andouille. However you can find several recipes for making andouille sausage online, and thus have the spices that go into making the real Thing. You could then buy a pound of ground turkey/chicken, add those spices to the meat, roll it into meatballs and fry them up separately before adding to the gumbo. Or get a pound of gator meat, grind it and add the spices... that would be closer to The Real Thang!

    1. Looks like it exists. No idea how widely available it is or if it's any good.

      1. You could made a vegetarian sausage using vital wheat gluten seasoned with the same spices as traditional sausage. Follow the instructions for making seitan on the side of the box but cook it by rolling it in foil and baking for 2+ hours (the texture will tell you when it's ready). It's not the real thing but some people have been fooled.

        1. My daughter uses a sausage all the time, made by Applegate Farms. She gets it at Whole Foods and it's andouille flavor, made with chicken or turkey. The plus is, it's made without a casing. It's also sold, I believe, at Wild Oats Markets and other natural markets. Good luck.

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            thanks! There are a couple markets I go to that has applegate. Now that you mention it, I may have seen the andouille. Otherwise, I'll take the advice to incorporate the spicing with some turkey meatballs (don't shudder please)-- Thank you! Since my daughter doesn't eat meat, that mostly means the rest of us don't either, since I like us all to eat the same thing. It doesn't really bother me, and I figure we're generally eating better because of it.

          2. I saw that aidelle makes a cajun-style andouille out of some bird.

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              I've had the aidelle's cajun-style andouille. It's pretty good, and probably better in a gumbo than solo. There is also a soy chorizo that's pretty well received and widely available. Not quite the same, but a lot of the same flavor profile you're aiming for.

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                I don't agree that soyrizo would even come close as a sub for andouille. I like soyrizo but don't use it in gumbo. Try smoked turkey.