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Mar 8, 2009 02:41 PM

Banana cream pie in Toronto?

My mother's birthday is coming up and she loves banana cream pie. Any bakeries you would recommend where you have tried their banana cream pie?

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  1. Marvellous Edibles makes a great coconut banana cream tart. If you call in advance, I'm sure they'll make it for you as a pie, with or without the coconut that's sprinkled on top.

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      Yes, I completely agree with Tatai. If your mom also likes coconut, this pie satisfies a coconut cream pie and banana cream pie craving all at once!!!! It is delish.

    2. The Queen of Tarts on Roncesvalles makes a to-die-for banana cream pie (and coconut too, but I prefer the banana). I've only seen it in the shop in their small size, but they would make a bigger one for you on order.

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          I agree, too. The banana cream tarts at both the Queen of Tarts and Marvellous Edibles have a wonderful crust and are made using real whipped cream.

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            Oh yes, please, only real whipped cream pies recommended here.... That is a must!!!

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              Between Queen of Tarts and Marvellous Edibles, which banana cream pie is better?

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                That's a tough one. They're both scrumptious. I tart from Marvellous Edilbes is piled higher than the one from Queen of Tarts, but I have no idea how a larger pie would be done.

                I think the pie from Queen of Tarts might be more custardy and less whipped-creamy than Marvellous Edible's, but I haven't had it in about a year.

                To confuse the issue, Whole Foods does a chocolate-crusted coconut banana cream pie that's really good, too.

                Maybe you should decide based on proximity to the bakery/restaurant.

          2. I got one for my birthday last fall from Wanda's Pie in The Sky, and it was outstanding. I'll admit that it looked a little plain, but the taste and texture were about the best I've tried.

            They've got a couple of locations - see

            This time of year it will be a special order.

            Altitude Bakery down on Queen East, near Greenwood, also makes a pretty good pie, but it's a) also a special order and b) I've found the place to be inconsistent over the past two years. Summer fruit pies have been downright nasty (burned; filling baked hard under the pie shell, gluing it to the plate). To be fair, cream-based item have all been good, and I am addicted to their Johnny Cake.