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Mar 8, 2009 01:33 PM

What to Order at Zaab Thai?

What are the best dishes at Zaab Thai in Jackson Heights? Has anyone had the lunch special?

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  1. The crispy duck salad was incredible. Haven't tried the lunch special.

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    1. re: currygirl

      the salads in general are really great. standard curries...not bad, but not their strength.

    2. Crispy duck salad, and even the crispy mock-duck salad for the vegetarians, is totally amazing.

      But personally I can't stop eating the Chinese Broccoli and Crispy Pork. I've had this dish at a few other local places including Sripraphai, Nasura and Arunee, and Zabb's is miles better.

      Another favorite dish I had a few times was a beef salad where the beef was prepared like, medium rare, and was tender and delicious, not how I usually expect the beef in Thai salads. Problem is I ordered it off the old menu before the owners changed and don't know if it's on the new menu.

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      1. re: Widmark

        Thanks for the suggestions. My friend and I split a crispy duck dish (crispy duck with Zabb's curry paste and onions) and it was excellent. By the way, I see I misspelled the name of the restaurant -- my takeout menu says "ZabbZabb".

        1. re: Jules M

          Ive not been to Zabb since the owners changed but in the past I would not have recommended their curry dishes, so I am glad you had a good meal.

          Are they still specializing in the Issan cuisine, and are there any other recommendations for current good dishes?

          1. re: jen kalb

            Takeout menu says "Esan Thai Restaurant".

            1. re: jen kalb

              somebody asked at some point and apparently the chef is the same, and while the new menu isn't quite as expansive as the old one, the aforementioned dishes are just as good as they were before. Zabb City's version of the Crispy Duck Salad is great as well, but a little's got pineapple.

        2. Zaab servers something I don't find at too many Thai places- grilled sour sausage with raw ginger, raw thai peppers, and roasted peanuts (maybe raw garlic and lime too).

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          1. re: dhs

            Fried rice with Thai sausage is on the lunch menu for $6.25 (comes with choice of dumpling, soup or soda). Does anyone know what makes Thai sausage sour?

            1. re: Jules M

              yes, it is lightly fermented by leaving it out for a day or two. Not sure if that is the same sausage in the fried rice. It could be but you would miss the 'put your own flavor/heat' together experience.

              It was a common street food and bar snack throughout Thailand but originating in the North of Thailand. Try searching for Isaan Sausage or Sai Grob sausage.