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Mar 8, 2009 01:31 PM

Zest (PHX)-Closed

Was going to go to zest for a drink friday night and it is closed down....

Sorry to say this but not going to be missed by me< just liked their variety of cocktails, pass on the food.

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  1. Has anyone here tried the new venture John mentioned in November?

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    1. re: hohokam

      Yes, I sampled some things from Nouveau Bistro a couple of weeks ago at a book club event they catered. They have a young (early 20s) but talented chef whose mom owned Kitchen Classics. I believe it was one of the first and definitely one of the best-known cooking schools/cooking supply stores in Phoenix for a long time, and it just closed. He grew up there and it certainly rubbed off.

      He is not the same chef that was there when Nikki Buchanan reviewed the place in December. He took over after that review (which was pretty bad). The previous owners sold it in December and she reviewed it during the transition, I was told. The new owner was quite friendly; he was bartending when we popped in for a nightcap after book club.

      Anyway, the eggplant cheesecake was just as good as always, and he also made a wonderful warm shrimp and cheese dip that I loved. I haven't eaten in the restaurant yet, but based on the preview I had, I can't wait. The space is really cool, too -- still has a lot of that artsy funky feel of Zest. I will go back to get happy hour and apps as well as to try the regular menu.