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Mar 8, 2009 01:19 PM

Delivary- Don Mills-Finch & Leslie- Bayview area???

I hate where I live when it comes to delivary options. I am envious of people who are in the DT core and can pick up the phone and order Butter chicken or dimsum.
I am starved!!! This lazy day started with me making pancakes served with warm syrup....but I stalled because I was planning on going to the gym...anyway to make a long story short, I skipped the gym and a sweet plate of pancakes will not do...I need substance...rice...something.

What can I order?? Please dont confirm that my only options are the so-so Chinese delivary options...any suggestions???


A hungry monster

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  1. PS I live at Leslie and Finch...

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      ick the lack of repsonse forced me to order in Spring Rolls- could have been worse. :-I

      1. re: Neebom

        I am not sure if they do delivery, but several food places in the Northeast corner plaza on Leslie & Finch. They have some decent chinese food there (the small separated strip facing finch) as well as shanghai food and Rice paper in the main plaza if you want to have some viet/thai food.

        Perhaps you can drop by to see if they have a delivery service. I know for sure they have take-out options (call and pick up).