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Mar 8, 2009 01:12 PM

Potato starch vs. corn starch?

Help! I am making fried blue cornmeal crusted bay scallops and the receipe calls for potato starch. Can I use corn starch in its place? Receipe follows:

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  1. i say yes. in this recipe, the potato starch is used to provide a dry surface for the egg to adhere to the scallops (standard breading procedure), as it would just slide off the slippery scallops without something powdery and dry as a "base coat". flour is most often used, but potato starch, or cornstarch would work. just be sure to pat any excess off, so you don't have too much--should be a really minimal coating.

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      Thanks! Starting to make them right now...w/a chipolte mayo dipping sauce!

    2. Too late now perhaps but I recommend flour instead. I find the texture of corn starch cloying.

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      1. re: alwayscooking

        Thanks! I know what you mean, a little too, I don’t know…hard and sweet for lack of better words. We decided to go with a combo of corn starch and flour and made sure to shake off ALL excess. Kept the oil at a constant 350 and fried for 1 min. We loved it!!!! Thanks to both of you for the help and up...the same recipe but w/calamari. (The chipotle mayo made it even better!)

      2. How did you make your chipotle mayo?

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          Recipe for the chipotle mayo:

          1/2 cup mayonnaise
          2 tablespoons sour cream
          1 small lime, juiced
          1 canned chipotle pepper, chopped
          1/2 teaspoon ground cumin (we add a bit more)
          1 tablespoon chopped cilantro
          Salt and freshly ground black pepper

          Mix all up in a bowl. :)