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Mar 8, 2009 12:47 PM

steak frites

As a McGill alumni now living outside of Quebec, I have a soft spot for Montreal and try to get to town a few times each year. I have a meeting there coming up so am looking froward to a few days of good food. One thing I miss is Parisian style steak frites. I know there are already several threads about this topic, but the posts are dated and well- things can change pretty quickly in the restaurant business! (although the Chicken Tikka sandwich remains an amazing treat at Foubourg- as it did 15 years ago when I when I lived in Montreal!)

So any updated recommendations anyone? I realize opinions differ as to what a good steak frites entails, so let me give my bias- to me, an english steak and fries is a charbroiled, high quality aged cut of beef; but for french style steak frites I really want a hanger steak, glistening with butter and served with homemade skinny cut fries...mmmmmm (incidentally had a wonderful example of this during a recent trip to Quebec city at L'echaude). So - any suggestions for Montreal?


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  1. Lemeac. And after 10 pm, it's only $22.

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      Yup, Lemeac does a yummy steak frites. Very flavourful.

      L'express also does a good steak frites. The steak is very tasty, but the fries were sublime on a recent visit, very crispy exterior, light interior, and a flavour that made me wonder if they were fried in something like duck fat.

    2. Just what they serve at L'Ambroisise on St Ambrose. Done very well too!

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        (Thanks Bigfellow. Looking forward to exploring that part of town by bike a bit more this summer)

      2. Cherylmtl is right on target : Lemeac real good ... I eat the steak and my wife french fries with the tartar and salad.... for good conscience

        1. Taverne on the Square- the best hanger steak and fries.
          the sauce is amazing.. not your typical butter but more of a buttery red wine sauce.
          the fries are amazing especially soaked in the sauce.
          it is my husband's favorite.

          1. Thanks to you all for the input. I have been meaning to try Lemeac the last few visits so they are definitely on the top of my list now. I haven't been to L'Express in about 5 years so that might prove a trip down memory lane, although it seems reviews are mixed lately? We don't tend to spend time in Old Montreal but will look into the other suggestions...

            BTW, does anyone have experience with Brasserie Brunoise downtown? Their resto used to be one of my favourites on the plateau; just wondering what the Brasserie version is like?

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              I can't compare as I've only been to the new one, a few times. I understand they are very different and get the impression reading local blog review sites that many people who liked the old one don't like the new one, but I guess I should let others speak for themselves.

              So, the new one: atmosphere is a bit sterile, all straight lines and hardwood floor in a big unbroken room. And the tvs perched on the back wall are just a bit weird. I guess they want a 5 a 7 and post-game crowd, but its a bit distracting to have them on during dinner service (sound off, but still). But as I indicated off the top, I keep going back.

              Service is good, and the food is good-to-great. Most of all, it's unbelievable value, especially for downtown.

              Take a look:

              $19 for a full veal liver, $23 for steak-frites -and that's not just after 10. Sure, they're missing things like cassoulet, but if you want a big hunk of meat, I highly recommend this place. Desserts are great, too, especially the cheesecake.

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                The two are not even close to the same. If you liked Brunoise, you might want to try Mas Cusine in Verdun, which is run by one of the two Brunoise partners. Brasserie Brunoise is okay for what it is, but if you're expecting anything like Brunoise was, you'll be very disappointed. And their steak is nothing to write home about, unfortunately. For steak frites, stick with Lemeac, you won't be disappointed.