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Mar 8, 2009 12:46 PM


Well, the Crew had a feast at Izzy's yesterday, which was enjoyed by all. Small things: tostones w/wonderful garlic dressing, empanada w/chicken and cheese, cassava stuffed w/beef (OK, but not great), cassava w/garlic, and maduros/fried plantains. Big plates: Tasty oxtail and goat, a simple, fresh octopus salad (seemed like a ceviche, but didn't taste any lime) and the hit of the lunch: pernil (pork) w/ a mustard sauce. Accompanied by salad, rice, beans.

The other hit of the meal: Izzy's homemade ginger beer!

The main dishes were specials; Izzy's offers a couple of these a day, and on Sat seems to have most available - so call ahead if you have your eye on something in particular. Final bill, for 6, including tip: $10 each!

Quick note: Our Crew has gotten too unwieldy to offer an open invitation, but here's a link for creating one of your own:

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  1. So happy to hear this place is still great. I loved it and gave it a lot of business when I worked nearby a few years ago. Must get back soon.

    1. Let's not forgot those tasty chicharrones (the best of the apps, I thought), drizzled liberally with lime juice. (The empanada and stuffed cassava ran far behind, IMO, perhaps because they had cooled completely by the time I sampled them.) Octopus salad was a succulent surprise, but the pernil was indeed the star of the show, with that seductive mustard sauce. The goat and oxtail stews played solid supporting roles, with the very soupy red beans and yellow rice making a tasty substrate.

      It's a small place, with few tables. We had no trouble getting seated when we arrived at noon, but the place filled up quickly soon thereafter.

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        I, too, loved the chicharrones, the pernil, the scrumptous yellow mustard & garlic sauces(I used on everything) and, of course, wonderful DCs to share with.

      2. loved the pernil. it was great mixed with the spicy mustard based sauce. my only complaint was the lack of crispy fatty skin that is usually served with this dish. another favorite, as noted above, was the homemade ginger beer

        1. While echoing comments on the food, I'd like to mention the cute exterior with its jaunty awning, the gracious, no-nonsense service, and the wall of framed photos, maps, awards and pictures, so refreshing compared to the calculated theme decors of many "higher end" establishments. And did we mention the ginger beer.....?

          1. The Octopus Salad when available is my absolute Favorite. Simply Great!!