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Mar 8, 2009 12:31 PM

Low Calorie Dip for Crudite

Does anyone have a dip that is low calorie AND delicious? Thank you!

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  1. Get light cream cheese, and put it in the food processor with store bought pesto. Or roasted red peppers.

    1. Daisy, you should be able to find some great ideas here:

      and this thread contains the recipe for my super-healthy black bean dip that always gets raves:

      1. Low fat plain yogurt with Dijon mustard powder mixed in

        1. Tofu dip (and no one will ever know!)

          3-4 oz soft tofu, 1/2 inch ginger rough chop, 1C cilantro leaves, 3/4 wasabi, 3T tamari or other soy sauce, 2-3T sesame oil, 2T water, 2-3T rice wine vinegar

          Process well in a food processer and chill before using.

          1. Homemade hummus
            Cottage cheese with mixed herbs and spices

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            1. re: Paula76

              hummus or cottage cheese - absolutely.

              but there's nothing low-cal about guac. yes, most of the calories come from healthy fats, but it's still a very calorie-dense preparation.

              1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                ditto about the guac.

                I'd add tzatziki (made with lower fat yogurt) to the list of those already mentioned.