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Mar 8, 2009 09:55 AM

Casual, cost-efficient for catching up.

Group of friends looking to do a casual dinner to catch up tomorrow (Monday) evening around 6:30/7. We live in Queens (Astoria) and Brooklyn (W'burg), hardly see each other, and are looking to meet in Manhattan with as little train transfers as possible. We're fine with doing Midtown, and have been recommended a couple spots over on 9th Ave. which can work but looking for other suggestions. Not incredibly limited to certain neighborhoods, but logistics will probably determine the final destination.

Looking for something on the cheap side -- no more than $20pp for decent food and a couple drinks. Drink specials would be well-received. Beers on tap would be great. Would like a quality spot, however, so we don't have a tragic night. Open to cuisine -- we have a Mexican enthusiast and a picky eater in the group. Could do anything from good burgers (though I'd love a well-made salad..) to sushi. They don't give one iota about the NY restaurant scene and may not be impressed with a hole in the wall, but would love to surprise them with something outside of their "bubble."

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  1. Rare Bar & Grill sounds like it may suit your needs and is condusive to transportation: