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Mar 8, 2009 09:27 AM

Help, is my smoked ham already cooked?

So I have this lovely bone-in half of a smoked ham. I bought it from a local organic farmer that we have a CSA share with in the summer. I invited my mom over for dinner tonight, I thaw the ham, look in my trusty Joy of Cooking and it gives two kinds of directions: for already cooked and uncooked. The ever so helpful book says to read the label to find out which kind of ham you have. sheesh. My ham is wrapped in butcher paper. No label. I'm feeling like quite the idiot right now. Is there any way I can tell looking at this hunk o' meat what kind of ham I have and how to cook it?

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  1. Call the farmer since he is local and runs the CSA. I'm sure he would oblige.

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    1. re: Lenox637

      Don't worry - I have the same question! I need to know before Easter! (LOL)
      I thought that by definition, smoked= cooked. Like, you don't re-cook smoked salmon.

      How much difference is there in the cooking times?

      1. re: gridder

        Based on what I read for 5-7 lb half ham it is 18-24 min/lb for ready-to-eat ham and 22-25 min/lb for still-needs-cooking ham. If it is ready to eat you cook the ham to an internal temp of 140 degrees, 160 if otherwise. So if I guess wrong I risk undercooking or overcooking....if it weren't sunday I would call the farmer...

        1. re: JennaL

          Agh. You're gonna have to call. They are farmers -- they don't work a normal week anyway.Let me know what you find out.

    2. Unwrap it and describe it.

      If it's uncooked there's a further question - dry cured or wet? A dry cured ham might need scrubbing (to remove mold from the rind), then soaking to remove excess salt, and so on - a multiday process. Did the farmer claim to make it himself, in the smoke house for 6 mths?

      1. yes there is, is it smoked? If it is it will be a bit of a darker color and will have a salt taste on it, the meat will be pink, the raw pork leg will be plyable, pail and the meat will be dull looking, a fully smoked Ham coming out of the smoker from a reputable butcher shop should e a fully cooked product, its pretty easy to see if its smoked or not, although most people cook the Ham anyways!