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Mar 8, 2009 09:04 AM

DC: Sushi / Izakaya near downtown or Georgetown

We will be staying a few nights at the St. Regis then a few at the Fairmont in Georgetown...

We are looking for the best sushi as well as Izakaya-style Japanese. We also enjoy doing a kaiseki or omakase. It would be nice if they were in the neighborhood, but as a true chowhound we are willing to travel for the best (as long as public transportation will get us there).

Any recs would be appreciated!

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  1. A former Izakaya style place was Sushi Taro which I went every week is now remodeling. They will open in late March (don't know when you are in town) and probably will be a Kaiseki type place when they open. There is perhaps an Izakaya style place in Virginia, search the old postings in the board you shall find. The only Kaiseki place I know is Makoto. They have good sushi. It's quite small and crowded but perhaps you are okay with the style.
    Best sushi is a debate. I would put Makoto, Kaz sushi, former sushi taro and Sushi Ko (DC store) in the upper tier. But you might want to check out the rest of the menu in Kaz, and especially sushi Ko as they may not be as Japanese as you'd like.

    A homestyle Japanese is Temari in Rockville, which I like a lot. But that might be totally way out of the subject.

    Good luck!

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    1. re: cfoodie

      I am really surprised there are not more offering omakase or kaiseki...

      I will report back...

      1. re: Epicurean

        Just wondering, why are you looking for Japanese in DC?

        1. re: Ericandblueboy

          We we have a long week of heavy noshing planned, we like to throw in some sushi from time to time.... like a palate cleanser....

        2. re: Epicurean

          From your posting history, it appears that you are from Portland.

          If that's true, I can say from my limited time there that you are likely to be disappointed in DC-area Japanese. We don't have a large Japanese population, and it shows in the limited options in the area. (When you said that you were "willing to travel for the best," I was tempted to advise you to go to NYC or Japan.)

          We do have very good Vietnamese (which you might also have at home) and good Chinese in the DC suburbs.

          1. re: Epicurean

            If you find some good place in town, I'd like to know.