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Mar 8, 2009 07:11 AM


Just thought I would post a quick message here about a meal I had this evening. Went to Yokota in Tokyo as it was the only tempura place I knew of that was open on a Sunday evening apart from Fukamachi, which I have already eaten at.

I won't do an in depth review, but needless to say it was EXCELLENT. Much better than Fukamachi in my opinion, and when I told the chef he was terribly excited and shook my hand then and there. Although he does not speak a lot of English he was very friendly and helpful. Unlike at Fukamachi where I found the batter to be so light as to be almost non existent, there was the perfect covering here (sill thin by western standards). One thing I do find odd though is the constant use of asparagus in tempura places when it is not in season...?! The highlight for me was the squid, although the anago was very good too. Oh, and it also opened my eyes to the use of curry powder as a condiment for tempura - I had always thought that was a bit of a gimmick before, but this was delicious!

A perfect first meal in Japan for my girlfriend who is a huge tempura fan, and I would very much recommend it to anyone.

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  1. Yokota has been polled as the best tempura in Tokyo by, even ahead of the legendary Kondo at Ginza. Can you let us know how much is the dinner per person? How far ahead did you make the reservation? Do they serve uni?

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      Wow, that was lucky for us then - we had been planning on going to Asagi but they are shut on Sundays. The cost was 10k each for two, plus 1k extra ( presumably tax?). That was food only, I tend to drink tea only in nice restaurants.

      I booked ages in advance - 2pm on the day! ;-) I think we must have got lucky as it was a Sunday and Tokyo seemed pretty quiet in genera.

      1. re: davew666

        I have tried Asagi operated by an elderly couple. It is quite good though I am not able to compare it to Yokota or Kondo since I have not tried both of them.

        When you wrote "Tokyo seemed pretty quiet", do you mean the restaurant scene is down because of the severe economic impact?

        1. re: FourSeasons

          No, the whole city seemed quiet - but it was my first sunday here so perhaps it is just that.

          Sorry I forgot to mention the Uni - it wasn't on the menu last night, I don't know if they ever serve it.

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            It's a huge city, but it depends where you are. Can't even count the number of times I've got out of a club in the morning and everything is pretty much deserted; it's an interesting feeling.

    2. Yokota is closed from March 21st for relocation and re-open date is not fixed yet.