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Mar 8, 2009 05:49 AM

Graduation Dinner.....Milton Inn or Prime Rib

My son is graduating from high school soon and we want to take him out for a very special dinner. I've been to both Prime Rib and Milton Inn in the past and have seen recent posts for Prime Rib, Has anyone been to the Milton Inn lately?
Which place would you pick?

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      1. If it isn't a surprise dinner, why don't you show the menus of each restaurant to your son, and let him decide where he would prefer celebrating his graduation dinner, Each dining establishment has their menu on their website.

        I went to Milton Inn last March (the day before Easter) to celebrate the Holiday. The onion soup was bland; nothing compared to Brasserie Tatin's (sadly, they've closed), or Linwood's version. The Oysters Rockefeller were pitiful. My husband's entree--well, we don't even recall what he ordered. So, it was probably nothing special. The service wasn't up to the usual standards nor the cuisine.

        Haven't been to the Prime Rib in quite some time. It isn't one of my favorite places, but the food has always been consistent.

        Have you considered the Oregon Grill? The food is very good (not great), but the atmosphere would be conducive to your celebration., You could dine outdoors on the lovely patio. Even if it is a bit chilly--there is a grand fireplace. Also, the pianist adds a nice touch which provides a celebratory atmosphere. FoiGras

        1. The Prime Rib has been excellent for over 30 years. Great choice for a very special occaision. Also there is something on the menu for everyone. Even the crab dishes are outstanding (crab imperial, crab cakes, stuffed rockfish), the oysters are top quality, the cocktails are big, and the waiter service is professional and superb. This place is a throwback to the grand days of dining. No trendy food here!

          1. I was debating this question just yesterday. We are planning a graduation dinner in Baltimore with out of town guests. While we enjoy the prime rib, we just went this past weekend. Thought about Oregon Grille and Milton Inn however have read that the quality of their food has gone down. Where else is there to do a graduation dinner in the Baltimore region that is special?

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