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Mar 7, 2009 11:38 PM

Apizza Scholls (PDX) -- get it to go, I guess

Tried going to Apizza Scholls. Got there at 5pm on a Sunday; it apparently opens at 4pm. Found a foyer full of waiting patrons, mostly empty tables and no host or hostess, or any waiter or waitress for that matter. Found a sign-up list and put my name on it. The place was loud: loud music and loud incessant noise from a video game, which abutted the dining area. Went to use the bathroom -- they evidently have all of one whole bathroom -- and had to wait a while, but at least it was clean enough. Upon leaving the bathroom I was again confronted by the wall of noise and chaos of young families with kids running all over the place, and still most of the tables were empty, although there was now at least an employee manning the host position. Did I mention that there is no decor to speak of unless you dig early 70's yellow and brown painted walls?

This was supposed to be my birthday meal and I decided no way was I going to hang around this circus with my dinner companion for god knows how long to try some of the highly touted pizza. We left. It looks like they have to go boxes, so some day I will try ordering a pizza for pick-up if they indeed DO that sort of thing, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna sit down in that place and attempt to enjoy a meal.

Perhaps the pizza is indeed very good, but it is the bottom of the barrel atmosphere-wise. And the service was non-existent.

Besides being unimpressed with the place, I am even more unimpressed by all the rave reviews of this joint, which fail to mention this aspect of the place.

Have others found this place lacking in this respect? Looking for a reality check here, folks.

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  1. sorry, but its A PIZZA PARLOR!!! its not Babbo for christs sake!? and the to-go boxs are for pizza in the middle of the week, during the winter....other times they sell out of pizza and dont do take out because of it.

    acknowledging your compaint........yes, its loud, full of families, and less then chic in its decor. What were you expecting? Honestly?

    1. being from new haven, this kind of comment cracks me up. it is understood that in NH you WILL WAIT for your pizza, and in most cases, you WILL WAIT to set foot inside the pizzeria. and once you're in there, the atmosphere is of almost zero importance because you are there for ONE REASON ONLY: great pie. you'll drink labatt's or bud and order nothing but pie because its the only thing on a menu. i would be excited at sally's pizza if the server looked me in the eye while taking my order. to me, good service at a pizzeria means not messing up my toppings order. apizza scholls makes excellent pizza and IMHO is much more comfortable and accommodating than 99% of east coast pizza joints.

      and the pizza is outstanding.

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        Totally agree with goodbye & nkeane. Their pizza is outstanding, I've never had a problem with the service and I'm picky about that. I really had to laugh. I suppose the OP would have written the same about Ken's, another purveyor of exceptional pizza. Both have a long wait, offer takeout only when they feel like it, and have noise and lots of kids. Horrors!

      2. Last time I went to Apizza, there were a lot of people waiting, so we put our name on a list. We ordered a bottle of wine and by the time the four of us finished it they called our name and we had two great pizzas and an awesome caeser salad. Well worth the wait.

        1. The first time I went, near the time they opened, I had a similar experience, but I did stay to eat. Since then, I have been acknowledged when I walk in the door, and told what was going on (how long of a wait), and offered a drink while waiting. I personally wouldn't do take-out there, it's not going to taste the same by the time you get it home.

          1. The best way to do Apizza Scholls is to plan on a 45 minute wait. If you know that ahead of time, you relax, sign your name, go to Space Room or stroll down Hawthorne, maybe enjoy the quirky 49th street, maybe walk to one of the head shops on Hawthorne, and after a pleasurable 45 minutes, your table will be ready. It'll be worth it.

            As for the New Haven comment, sure Sally's and Pepe's are fine, but Little Rendezvous in Meriden was really where it was at in the 80's and early 90's.

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