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Mar 7, 2009 10:43 PM

Vegetarian Pho in San Diego

Any options for Pho with a vegetarian broth?

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  1. never seen one. The base for Pho is a broth made with dead animals.

    Very tasty.

    : )

    1. Can't vouch for the quality, but...

      ...or there's Pho Super Bowl in Alhambra. You could also just make your own, most Viet markets sell powdered vegetarian mushroom broth in those big silver bags.

      1. I'd suggest making your own.

        1. There is a Pho Super Bowl in La Mesa at 8342 Parkway Drive, and they have a vegetarian pho listed on the menu (#19). It comes with tofu and broccoli, plus the usual accompaniments. You may want to call to ensure the broth is vegetarian also, but I can tell you their pho is pretty darned good. Our daughter has an art class on Wednesday nights off University, and we hit Pho Super Bowl afterward. The couple who run the place are the nicest people, the food is very good, the shaken teas with boba are delicious, and their prices are extremely reasonable.

          1. Pho Station in Sorrento Valley
            Besides the beef based, they have chicken, and vegetarian broth.