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Sunday Brunch in Edmonton

What would you say is the best place for Sunday brunch in Edmonton?
I have been looking for an alternative to the hotels.
The Fairmont Macdonald has been a standard for us for a while but I hope I can find some other spots.
Your help is appreciated.

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  1. Give Cafe de Ville a try. I've always enjoyed their brunch and I love the complimentary fresh pastries!


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      I agree with the Cafe deVille rec.

      Manor Cafe (I think this is seasonal though)
      Wildrose Grill (hotel, but new)
      Highlevel diner, sugar bowl (both very casual)
      9th street bistro is not too bad.
      Culina has a fantastic brunch except that it is Saturday not Sunday but worth changing days for.

    2. Cafe de Ville was recommended to me not too long ago, and did not disappoint. Nice warm way to spend a Sunday.

      1. If you're looking for a buffet style brunch, the Sawmill at Capilano was not bad... we went last weekend. Also, LaBoheme has a brunch where you order a main from the menu, and help yourself to croissants, salad, fruit, and desserts. $20. We've always enjoyed that one.

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          I was talking to someone at Culina recently and she said that they are going to be open for Sunday brunch starting in the spring. Vague, I know, but I'll be keeping on top of this. Their brunch is fantastic.

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            Culina is now open for Sunday brunch from 10am-2pm. Their food was delicious (items ordered: corn bread with blueberry butter, tofu scramble (vegan), and baked french toast (with marscapone cheese)!

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              I was just at Culina, had the baked french toast, and was very disappointed. It was okay; like a bread pudding, with some blueberries mixed in (this was not a plus for me as I hate blueberries in baked goods, although the fresh ones on top were welcome). The two stacked pieces would both have fit in the palm of my hand and it was $16. No fruit, no sides, just $16 for two tiny pieces of French toast. I had the seasonal chocolate brioche French toast with strawberries, bananas, and English cream sauce at Cora's for about $9 the week prior and it was triple the size of this. I want to try the steak with blue cheese and chocolate, so I plan to go back once more, but won't make a habit of this restaurant. There are better places!

              Culina Millcreek
              9914-89 Avenue NW, Edmonton, AB T6E 2S7, CA

          1. Wholeheartedly agree with the Cafe de Ville and Culina recommendations. For a more casual brunch, we enjoy the Urban Diner as well; they never disappoint. Suggest arriving early, as they don't take reservations and there is usually a line-up.


            1. I'm a fan of Cafe deVille, Culina & Urban Diner. I've also heard great things about the Blue Plate Diner on 104th: http://www.blueplatediner.ca/brunch.html

              I've been to the High Level Diner a few times and wasn't overly impressed. There are always long line ups and there aren't many savory selections available. The only things that come to mind are their eggs benny, quiche and maybe a daily special. If you're into sweet breakfast items (pancakes/muffins/etc) then it might be the place for you.

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                  Is their sunday brunch any better than their regular breakfast buffet, because it was really mediocre. Granted it was around $14, I guess for that it was not bad. Okay selection of fruit, omelet station. Horribly dry and bland pancakes and waffles. okay bacon, good potatoes, mediocre 'pastries'.

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                    Well at River Cree, if you go before 11am, which only breakfast buffet which not really interest me and try after 11am which will turn into Breakfast and brunch buffet which is around $25 per person

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                      I will add to Bubblepuffer's comment that I suppose brunch improves over breakfast, but we weren't blown away. They had racks of lamb, which they were generous with and were quite tasty, and roast beef with yorkshire puddings (puddings were terribly dry) a couple of omelet stations, and all your standard breakfast fare - average, not great.
                      They also had a small 'anitpasti' area with tiny plates of prepared antipasti, such as bocconcini and tomato, marinated eggplant, shrimp and tomato confit, and that kind of thing. Sounds better than it really was.
                      I was very disappointed in the so-called salad bar - a mound of lettuce, two store-bought dressings, some slices of cucumbers and tomatoes. I look for a great salad bar at brunch and this sure wasn't it.
                      Add to it all the crowded room with tons of kids roaring around (not the fault of the restaurant, to be sure) I don't think I'll be going again.

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                        I thought it was one of the best buffet type brunches I've had. We didn't see a single kid when we went.

                        Do you have any other recommendations for buffet brunches in Edmonton? I've been to La Rhonde, Sawmill, Coast Terrace, Dalton's and thought River Cree was better.

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                          Chateau Louis - not a big selection but they have perogies. :)

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                            Creations dining room has just opened in the renovated Sawridge Inn, (previously Holiday Inn Palace) and we were pleased to see that they are offering a sumptuous Sunday brunch with an ample selection of seafoods, roasts, salads, desserts and of course breakfast offerings, including fresh juices for $24.95. There is a seniors discount of 10%, children up to 5 eat free and 6-12 are half price. Well prepared and tasty.

                    2. I have been to Blue Plate several times and I like their brunch menu. The Ranch Eggs are delicious if you are really hungry, and their cornbread is great too. I really want to try Culina and Cafe de Ville too - I have heard nothing but good things.

                      1. My family likes to occasionally go to Sutton Place for brunch (that's the hotel North of City Center East that used to be the Four Seasons long ago). It's a buffet with a pretty good selection and a nice dessert table.


                        1. Blue Plate Diner - good for a hip but casual feel. lots of room.
                          Wildflower - pricey but excellent. a fine dining brunch.
                          Culina Millcreek - small menu but quality, reservations recommended.
                          Cafe de Ville - it only looks stuffy, has menu items that you'd expect from somewhere more expensive.
                          Urban Diner - always busy
                          Upper Crust Cafe, Fiore's Cantina, High Level Diner, Parkallen - all have good standard brunch fare.

                          1. edmonton glenora club sunday brunch

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                              Can you go to the Royal Glenora for its Sunday Brunch if you haven't paid the $10,000 membership fee?

                              1. re: Libertycafe

                                Yes, their Sunday Brunch open for public but recommended to make reservation ahead of time.

                            2. Didn't really know where to put this, so I thought I would add my experience at Cora's in this thread. Service was good, and the food was OK. It's nice to have another breakfast option in Edmonton. http://tinyurl.com/yevsc7h

                              1. Went to Barb and Ernie's today for brunch - despite the long line and walking out smelling like grease, Ernie was entertaining as usual and the eggs benedict with schnitzel... SO yummylicious.

                                1. Gotta go with Dadeo's, Cajun/Creole brunch offerings including Beignets with Strawberry Sauce and Fresh Whipped Cream. Laissez les bons temps roulez!

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                                    Does Dadeo still do Sunday brunch? We were under the impression they had stopped that awhile ago.

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                                      Perhaps they have stopped, I now live in Toronto and have fond memories of their food.

                                  2. River Cree Casino is good for value/variety. Good service and nice decor...

                                    Also if hungover, try Barb & Ernie's on 99th.

                                    Good luck!