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Asparagus Pizza near Pasadena???

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I've heard of such a thing but seems to have evasive tendencies. Any recs???

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  1. This may be further from Pasadena than you'd like, but:


    1. You might want to try Avante on Lake. I believe they offer that topping.

      1. Pasadena's Avanti Wood Fire on Lake Ave did not offer the asparagus pizza.

        I've found it at a small family operated pizza parlour on the border of Temple City and El Monte call Sir Pizza 'n' Chicken. I called first, this is a off menu item, and the owner of the restaurant said it was a seasonal item. Wasn't the goat cheese pizza that I was looking for but, certainly filled the urge for an Asparagus Pizza. Ordered a large asparagus (ample), onion, mushroom (fresh) to dine in. Pizzas are made fresh to order. Dough hand made every night. Sauce 3x's week. Mozerella was very fresh and tasty. Overall, I'd give it a B+. Owner was very cooperative to our requests and informative.

        Sir Pizza 'n' Chicken
        10300 Lower Azusa Rd, El Monte, CA 91731

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          I wonder if Village Pizzaria on Los Robles and Orange Grove would have something like that - they do have Mexican Pizza...