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Mar 7, 2009 08:17 PM

Korean Barbecue House Calgary

Has anyone been to the Korean Barbecue House in Montgomery on Home Rd. NW? It just caught my eye as I drove by today. If not there, where would you recommend for Korean bbq in Calgary?

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  1. I have tried out quite a few Korean BBQ place.

    So far, hands down, the best Korean BBQ restaurant in Calgary is Seoul. It is located on Macleod Trail, just north of Chinook (or where the old Sopranos Restaurant use to be).

    The Korean Village on 10th ave (behind the Mustard Seed) is not bad.

    1. Not a Korean BBQ place, but I liked San Dong Banjeo (26 Ave & 37 St SW). There was another post on CH calling them "Korean-style Chinese", but that's not really true. They have good mandu and bibimbap.

      Edit: Actually that might not even be the same restaurant as in the other post. I never made note of the name. But anyway, it's the Korean place on 26 Ave & 37 St.