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Mar 7, 2009 08:01 PM

Hudson House Bar

Just opened in Redondo Beach... was walking by and happened to pop in the door. I decided to stay for a beer and ended up inviting a buddy down to join me who also had no idea that this place had opened. There is no sign, but the bartender told me that it was in the works. I had a spicy chicken meatball sandwich and my friend had a burger... both were very good. Great beer selection, most of which I had never heard of. Hip decor and nice staff. I live less than 2 blocks away and would love to see this place do well!

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  1. Hi Richard, Sounds like a nice find.. Care to share the location with another South Bay hound :)..

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        Richard, drove past the spot today while I was out and about. What happened to the olde Tiki Place. I was there once when they were singing karoke.. Noticed that you have no other posts ( I understand that you were a southbay local and was looking for some other tips ) are you new to CH if so welcome to the Board..

        1. re: Foodandwine

          this is owned by Brooke Williamson and her husband Nick who also own Beechwood in MDR. GREAT people and both very talented in the kitchen. Im planning on going tonight as ive heard nothing but great things.

          1. re: wannacook

            BTW, the address is 514 N.PCH in Redondo Beach, just south of the pier. Their phone number is 310-798-9183.

            1. re: cathart

              Going tonight, has anyone been of recent.. Thanks..

              1. re: Foodandwine

                Sorry if it's a little late, the skirt steak with garlic & truffle cheese fries ($13) and Pretzel Burger ($10) were outstanding the last time I was there.

                1. re: KTLA

                  Not late at all KTLA.. We had the same and enjoyed both. Chatted with the owner and his sous chef when they were about to shred some meat for Happy Hour tacos.. They are really present and offer to please. The Hudson Ale on Tap is good, wine list a little weak. But I am sure they will work on that in the future.. I am soon to check out the Happy Hour specials..