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Mar 7, 2009 07:54 PM

Best fish and chips in Bellingham?

We love to head out for a big plate of good ol' fish n' chips once in a while. Do you have a Bellingham fav? I love the clam chowder at the double-decker bus in Fairhaven (used to be Jackie's, now I can't remember the new name). The chowder is made fresh daily, and I love it. A bonus for us is that it doesn't include any bacon or other pork. They also have good fish and chips, but I'm guessing there is better out there.

How about White Rock? Anyone ever slip across the border for a basket of fish and chips up north?


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  1. Try this site for White Rock:

    I'm fairly new to Bellingham and plan on trying Salty's in White Rock.

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      Thanks for the link. We often head across the border and have a few favs in Vancouver, but are lost when we're not in the city. Let us know what you think of Salty's when you visit.

    2. I like the halibut and chips at the Waterfront Seafood Bar but it has been a few years.

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        I have heard the Waterfront Seafood Bar has yummy F&C, but I generally go out for F&C with my young teen daughter (hubby doesn't eat fish), so I suppose we'd have to get our order to-go?

      2. For the best F&C of your life, venture over to the Lummi Indian Nation (north of town) and there's a F&C bus parked in front of the college. The fish is hours off the line and breaded beautifully. They also serve indian fry bread that's fluffy, light and softy sweetened. This place is the outstanding. Here's the thing... it's been a few years since I've been there so you might want to call around to see where it's parked these days. It's worth the trip.

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          Thanks! I'll check into that. I've never heard about this before. We live close enough to the reservation to make the occassional trip out that way, or can stop by on the way to the Lummi Island ferry.

          1. re: laurachow

            Please report back if you find them. This sounds like it might be worth a bit of a road trip!
            Also, Pajo is a small F&C chain in BC. The Steveston location is right on the dock, floating actually. Excellent F&C, cool little town.

        2. two word answer: SHRIMP SHACK

          no longer has the charm of the original location (with attached fish market , whole structure on a off kilter foundation). But they still make great F&C , their other fried stuff aint too shabby either. And do not forget the whiskey crab soup.

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          1. re: dyippie

            We do like the Shrimp Shack and that is often where we end up (when we can resist the pull to go into Wasabee instead!). It is a great deal to order the double fish and that is plenty for two (and there are still plenty of fries to go around, too). We were there a few weeks ago and an order with double fish was around $11 and we each got 4 pieces of fish and shared a mound of fries. Yummy!

            1. re: laurachow

              We do the same thing -- one order with double fish, which results in plenty of fries for two -- except I get 5 pieces and she gets 3. And their coleslaw is tasty, so we add an extra side of slaw.

          2. I lived in White Rock for many years, 95% of the time that I wanted fish and chips I went to Coney Island. It's located on the "cheap side" of White Rock beach (closer to the border), and the interior is... not flattering. The fish however, is exceptional and exactly the way I like it (large, perfect thickness). I suggest you stick with the fish and chips here.

            Docks is a "fun" place to go with a very nice atmosphere, they serve their fish and chips in newspaper cones (which fit in the table). The fish and chips are decent, but were not good enough for me to frequent.

            Salty's, if it is the old british-styled place that I am thinking of (serving mushy peas) was somewhat of an interesting experience, the fish wasn't bad by any means but it wasn't what I particularly like. It has been some time since I have went there so it may have changed.

            There was a place on crescent beach, but I presume it is long since gone (or changed hands). I used to frequent this location a very long time ago, but I presume it has changed hands or been closed (the owner was very old and trying to sell it). It wasn't on the beach, but a block or so back - a large white building on a corner.