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Mar 7, 2009 06:55 PM

chocolate and....

which chocolate combo floats your boat? mint, coffee, strawberry etc...
personally i love almost all the wide spectrum of chocolate combos especially mint although i know a lot of people disagree on this, i understand so dose my father its ok, i also love the controversial coconut and aslo the rum and raisin or fruit and nut varieties (i'm autralian cadburry rules) caramel is a popular one and it is very nice, another aussie favourite is the caramello koala mmm, over all though for me chocolate and mint is my ultimate with a close second coconut and third beiing rum and raisin and caramel sorry i got distracted by the chocolate i mean flavour i mean chocolate hmm anyway....

chocolate and... what floats your boat :-)

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  1. My chocolate combo is really just chocolate and anything! If I had to decide, it would be between milk chocolate and peanut butter or dark chocolate and berries - fresh strawberries or raspberry in cooked forms. Ooh, dark chocolate and coconut. Not a huge caramel or raisin fan, but I'll eat it if you give it to me in chocolate form. Chocolate and more chocolate is good too.

    1. A blend of chile ancho and pequin.

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        Gordeaux - I was going to say that! Love the heat with chocolate especially for savory dishes. Second best set of chocolate enhancers are salts.

      2. when i used to be able to eat it, i was very anti- chocolate-and-fruit

        i'd say white chocolate and key lime or whtie chocolate/pretzel
        occasionally chocolate and caramel (a la rolo)
        chocolate and crispies - (a la crunch or one hundred grand bar)
        chocolate and honeycomb (a la Violet Crumble)
        chocolate and wafer (a la whatchamacalit or kit kat)
        chocolate and hazelnut (nutella...)
        chocolate and cream cheese (swirl brownies)

          1. I'm a chocolate purist. Rich, dark chocolate ONLY for me. Especially hate it with mint!