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Mar 7, 2009 04:46 PM

What should I buy or eat at 3rd street farmers market

Coming from out of town and not from US. What should i buy or eat at the farmers market. What are the must eats? Thanks.

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  1. The fudge and/or toffee from Littlejohn's.

    1. I love the hummus (and spicy hummus) and tabouli from Moishe's. The falafel leaves much to be desired.

      Loteria has great tacos and Merconda Meats is great for pork and beef.

      1. My personal perennials are the red beans & rice and Cajun potato salad from the Gumbo Pot, the combo rice bowl with pork or beef from the Korean place in the same courtyard, the corned beef sandwich from Magee's, and the corned beef hash and eggs from the joint whose name I do NOT remember next to the beer & wine sports bar, Pete's or something like that. None of it life-changing, just pretty good and satisfying grub. The pizza place run by the tall old French woman has passed into the hands of some new-wave entrepeneur who, as far as I'm concerned, has bloody well ruined it, and I do not know as yet how the DuPar's revival is coming, though I have Hopes. I've also heard good things about the Malaysian stuff served on banana leaves, and our posse member Shawn loves her eggs-and-potatoes whatever from Loteria Grill. The last bite I had of that would tend to confirm her valuation.

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          The stand you're thinking of is probably Charlie's.

        2. Pinkberry. Delicious frozen yogurt that is a bit overexposed here (not that that makes me love it less) but if you've never had it, definitely worth giving a go.

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          1. re: junipersong

            Pinkberry!? Don't be looney. At the rate Pinkberry expands you'll have your very own corner store that drove out your favorite hot dog stand soon enough.

            Go to LA ice cream institution Bennett's instead. I like the Choffee Choffee which blends coffee ice cream and toffee. Better then any cup of joe I've ever had.

            1. re: ReelMike84

              Pinkberry's actually doing pretty poorly and I doubt it will do any more expanding. It's definitely worth trying for an out-of-towner and especially an out-of-USA-er.

              1. re: ReelMike84

                Amen to the Bennett's post. Their milkshakes are out of this world (both in taste, and price, unfortunately).

                And don't miss the amazing french crepes stand, and the kiosk specializing in hard-to-find sodas.

                1. re: dmurphy04

                  Umm, is this the same crepe place that's in the middle? If so, it is an abomination. I had a "Crepe Suzette" there that rivaled an of the worst food I've ever had.

                  It was like a soggy crepe with pure alcohol on top. Disgusting!

                  1. re: a213b

                    I second that condemnation of the crepe place. My husband, who is half French, and I also tried the "Crepe Suzette." It was hideous. He was appalled.

            2. Loteria Grill, definitively.
              The lady who has a small but very-well stocked tea emporium is very knowledgeable and has good quality teas. Pricey but worth it, if you like leaf tea.
              Across from her is one of the bakeries, I think their "dry" cookies (as opposed to their more elaborate creamy pastries) are very good.
              There's another bakery I'd qualify of "East European", not far from Pinkberry, it's hit and miss but they have interesting pastries.
              I like Singapore Banana Leaf, and the donuts at Bob's.
              I second Moishe's and their mouhamara (spell?), etc.
              At the Gumbo Pot they also serve very cheap oysters, but they tend to run out fast.
              The Brazilian place is OK.
              I like the nuts stand (sorry, can't remember the name). You could bring back some of their peanut butter, for example.
              I'd pass on the crepes place, it's rather substandard, at least to my French palate. Monsieur Marcel (French groceries and restaurant) is grossly overpriced but decent.