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Mar 7, 2009 04:17 PM

dinner tonight?

what did everyone have for dinner tonight? I was pleasantly surprised by how mine turned out so I want to share...I made a wild rice pilaf with butternut squash, golden raisins, and herbes de provence. finished it off with some toasted walnuts and gorgonzola. a-mazing. and despite the time it took to cook the rice, it was really easy.
top that--oh wait, I know you can!

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  1. Making chicken Francese (flour, egg, more flour) and finished in a lemony vermouth butter reduction. Not sure about sides; asparagus definitely and either rice pilaf or parsleyed potatoes. Bon Appetit.... adam

    1. egg white frittata:
      - sauteed the vegetable mixture: garlic, red onion, capers, fresh thyme, S&P, smoked paprika, bell peppers, crimini mushrooms, purple kale, sliced grape tomatoes...finished with a splash of sherry vinegar
      - poured the lightly beaten egg whites (which i spiked with a tsp of Dijon mustard) into the pan, pulled & swirled until the bottom was mostly set
      - scattered fresh basil & crumbled goat cheese over the top, and finished under the broiler.
      - drizzled with a little Cholula before digging in.

      it was delicious!

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      1. Home made yeast leavened corn bread, and a chicken and chorizo soup with black beans corn and chilis. Sweet and smokey, perfect for a stormy night.

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          Nice dinner too, but I gotta ask, what is home made yeast leavend cornbread? I've never used yeast in cornbread, sure sounds like i would love it.

          1. re: chef chicklet

            It was a first try and very tasty, but next time I'll soak the cornmeal a little longer and I might cut down the yeast. The rising times were much faster than I expected, but it didn't rise at all in the oven. I'm a bit of a perfectionist though. It's from the Cafe Brenda cookbook. Here are the ingredients:
            1/2 c. honey
            4 Tbs. butter
            1 cup scalded milk
            1 cup boiling water
            1 1/2 c cornmeal
            1/2 cup warm water
            2 Tbs active yeast
            1 Tbsp salat
            3 or 4 c white flour
            1 1/2 c wheat flour

            1. re: corneygirl

              Thank you, I'd like to try this, I make cornbread often. You recommend soaking the cornmeal prior to adding it you mean? And in what? TIA.

              1. re: chef chicklet

                chicklet, i don't know how corneygirl does it, but when i make cornbread (or even corn muffins) i always soak the cornmeal in the milk or buttermilk for a while before combining with the other ingredients. it makes for a more tender crumb.

                1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                  I've never tried that. I haven't had any ill effects so far, but how hard is it to soak the cornmeal? Thanks for responding, I'll start incorporating that step. Sounds good! We do love our cornbread, and the recipe including yeast was different.

                2. re: chef chicklet

                  Soak the cornmeal in the warm milk and water. I used polenta, so I think it would have benefited form a good 30 to 45 minute soak instead of the 15 or so I used.

                  1. re: corneygirl

                    I have polenta, I'll do as you say, Thanks! now to decide, milk or buttermilk...

                    1. re: chef chicklet

                      Let me know how it turns out. I'm about to make croutons with the leftovers.

                3. re: corneygirl

                  A good Portuguese bakery will have yeast-raised cornbread, i.e. a round, risen loaf of bread, but made with corn instead of/in addition to wheat. It's delicious!

            2. Was alone but roasted a couple of chickens to have on hand (next week is an alternating week in which my daughter is with me), Jasmine rice, Japanese cucumber salad, Chilean Cab.

              1. I made baked almond-crusted salmon (coated first in spiced oil with ginger, turmeric, cumin and paprika) served with wilted spiced spinach with sautéed onions and garlic and potato and carrot rostis. For dessert, I baked a wholemeal banana and date cake and served it with a warm dulce de leche and sour cream sauce.

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                1. re: Paula76

                  Yum! Tell us about the dessert sauce, please. Just the two ingredients, mixed?

                  1. re: rememberme

                    Yep! Really simple...2 tablespoons of sour cream, two of dulce de leche, heat it in a pan for about 5 minutes stiriing constantly and pour it over the cake...heaven!