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Mar 7, 2009 02:54 PM

Afghan kabob place in Horsham

We were lost today and passed this unassuming looking place called Yalda Grill Kabob Restaurant at 222 Horsham Road near 611 in Horsham. The ouside appearance is a bit rundown so we almost drove right by but I couldn't resist the large sign that said "Kabob", I mean how often do you see that around Philly?

From the outside we thought the place was just take out but it is a full restaurant inside. We had the Chaplee Kabob and the Lamb Kabob. They were both excellent. Chaplee is ground beef mixed with onions, peppers, spices and egg yolk. Very moist and flavorful. The lamb was grilled and seasoned just right. They came with a side of basmati rice covered with slivered carrots and raisins, a salad and grilled vegetables. This lunch platter for $8.95 would have been enough for two to share.

They start you off with crispy home made bread with a green dipping sauce that tasted of mint and coriander. We noticed the place also served pizza and pasta and were curious if it was any good. We were too full after lunch but orderd a pizza to go after finding out the crust is similar to their homemade bread. They have traditional pizza toppings but we went with one that had eggplant, cream and yogurt sauce.

During the 15 minute drive home I worked up enough of an appetite to try a slice and it was truly a flavorful treat. The eggplant slices had the bitter skin peeled off and were grilled to just the right consistency. The yogurt sauce really worked great on the crispy/chewy crust. I guess it is fusion cuisine.

Sometimes the best finds are by accident and this was really one of those.

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  1. I cannot say enough how much I love this place. If you go back you must try some of their Afghan dishes. They have an amazing braised lamb dish, another dish with meat filled dumplings with sauteed chicken in a brandy sauce - they are my two favorites. Really everything I have had is delicious. Prices for dinner are around $10/entree, you just cannot go wrong.

    1. Thanks for sharing this. What businesses is this place near? I must try it!

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        Yalda Gill is a great place and a great bargain. If you take Horsham Rd. (Rte 463) from Montgomeryville it will run into Rte 611. You have to then jog right onto 611 and then an immediate left back onto Horsham Rd. Their Afghani food is exccellent and I would recommend their lamb specials. I asked and they say they are related (cousins I think) to the people who own Ariana's and Kabul in Olde City Philadelphia. The owner is very nice and it's a family own and operated business. Also BYOB. A must try!

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          It is across from the Days Inn on Horsham Road, just up 611 from Otto's. Yaldatook over what was previously the Tonelli's space. Tonelli's moved around the corner to the former Donato's (McDonald's ill fated venture.).

          Highly recommend the lamb kebob... its as if you are having mini lamb chops, has a great flavor, and a char. Also the aforementioned dumplings are very good. The place is BYO, so its a good value too.

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            I have heard very good things about this place & can't wait to try it.

        2. Thanks for the tip. I tried it today for lunch and had the lamb kabob. What a great meal. Way too much for lunch (but did not stop me from eating every bit on my plate). The lamb was perfectly cooked with a great spice mix. For $8 I will have to come back!

            1. I love love love Yalda Grill! We've had all of the kabob options...Our favorite is the lamb. If you're looking to the right of the menu...the meatballs are out of this world...not your typical spaghetti and meatballs, okay? It's a byob which is always a plus. The place does turn into a hookah bar around 9, however, we've never made it. The owner, Moe and his son are super friendly and are there all the time. Moe is very accommodating and if you're looking to have a large dinner party (like us) we had ours in that room on the other side and it was wonderful! Our friends said the food was so different but delicious. We asked him to make some stuff not on the menu for it and it turned out to be fantastic! He made a special spicy garlic hummus, eggplant, and more...definitely must try if you haven't yet!