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Mar 7, 2009 02:32 PM

Dim Sum in Northern NJ?

Any recommendations for dim sum near Maplewood, NJ? We are meeting friends for brunch, and we all have a craving, but can't make it into the city. We have done China Gourmet on Eagle Rock in West Orange, and found it only so-so. Any other suggestions? Should we try Noodle Chu in Parsippany, even though it is a schlep?

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  1. In the future you may want to post to the Chowhound midatlantic board. They have a lot of information and chowhounds that know NJ.

    Here is an older thread. Realize the choices posted are South of Maplewood NJ

    Have not tried Noodle Chu for Dim Sum but enjoyed the dumplings during the week for lunch.

    North of Maplewood, in Ridgewood NJ is Dim Sum Dynasty

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      Threads about Northern New Jersey do belong on the Tri-State board, however, as you suggest, hounds interested in venturing further south in New Jersey should investigate the Mid-Atlantic board as well.


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        Thanks for the education - Specifically where is the dividing line in the state? Is it by county?

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          Great Question!!! just where does this arbitrary iine begin/end?? I've been asking that same question of moderators for years...

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              Thanks for posting the link.
              Clear as mud :)

      2. I would not recommend trying Noodle Chu until you find out whether the cooks have stopped smoking over the food that they are preparing and smelling up the place with cigarette smoke.