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Mar 7, 2009 01:58 PM

Tartine, West Village

Anyone been to their Sunday brunch lately?

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  1. We went for brunch today and it was very good! I had a lox platter and my husband had an excellent chicken sandwich.

    1. Went downhill in my opinion. Got a Croque that wasn't melted through the middle even. Other tables looked to be just picking at their food. Might have been an off day.

      1. thanks! you just reminded me what a good idea that is.

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          Well we went this morning. Have been there for dinner, but never made it for brunch. We brought a bottle of champagne, I had the Croque and hubby had the eggs benedict. Both served with their wonderful potatoes with onions, scallions and tomatoes. Yum. Glad we tried it. There was even seating outside since the day was so perfect weatherwise. Can't speak for the "off day" sugartoof, but everyone seemed to be really enjoying their food! From omelettes to Croques to salads and eggs florentine. My Croque was great...cooked in the proper way...cheese melted on top...not on the inside with the ham.