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Mar 7, 2009 01:44 PM

What to order at Shamshiry Grill.

I've heard good things about the Shamshiry Grill in Westwood. Huge menu with reasonable prices. Has anybody been? Any suggestions about what to order?

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  1. I like the flat pounded chicken skewers not sure what they're called.

    1. (It's spelled Shamshiri Grill by the way. A link is below.)

      The lamb shank fesenjan might be my favorite food on the planet. It's a rich, tart puree involving pomegranate/walnut on a falling-off-the-bone lamb shank. It's served with rice I believe. Soooo good. If you aren't sensitive to eating raw onions and such, the Panir o Sabzi appetizer is terrific, especially when it's warm out. It's cold big chops of onion and fresh herbs, radishes, walnuts and tomatoes with a really nice (I mean that) flat-wrap type flour thing, served with feta cheese and butter. Shake the dark red powder at the table (sumac I think?) on it.

      For dessert, I definitely recommend rose ice cream. They call theirs Persian Ice Cream (rosewater, saffron and pistachios). It was so good I stopped at the Persian deli down the street and bought a half-gallon of rose ice cream and some rose jam to apply to it, heated.

      If you order rice separately from a main course or get a choice, I always love barberry rice... little tart berries in the rice, perfect balance.

      Shamshiri Grill
      1712 Westwood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024

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        for a small upcharge, they will let you substitute any of their specialty rices for the basmati rice that is normally served with most of the dishes.
        my personal favorite rice is the adas polo which i have them make using brown rice.

      2. I have only tasted the grilled items at Shamshiri, not the braised or stewed ones, so my advice is limited. Their ground beef that is seasoned and grilled on skewers, the koobideh, is good-tasting and combines the crusty exterior with the more juicy center, and is a large, satisfying portion. I prefer their chicken shawarma to their beef -- it is more moist. Almost everything at Shamshiri is served in very generous portions with huge mounds of rice and grilled veggies. You may be tempted to share but don't -- their prices are more than reasonable, they impose a split fee if they sense a party trying to get away cheaply, and it makes them testy. Almost everything travels and reheats ok, so prepare for a feast, share dishes around the table, and enjoy lunch the next day.

        1. Lamb neck with any of the the specialty stews. Monday and Fridays only. It's much more tender and succulent than lamb shank.

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            Thanks for the suggestions. I just noticed that this month's Sunset Magazine did a page about Persian neigborhoods in LA and mentioned Shamshiri. They also mentioned a Q Market in Van Nuys that sounds interesting