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Mar 7, 2009 01:41 PM

Does Kerala Kitchen exist?

I was reading about the restaurants in Floral Park on this board, and decided to look into Kerala Kitchen (or is it New Kerala Kitchen?). Anyway--their web site seems to imply that they're not open anymore. It says something like "Look for New Kerala Kitchen" and gives a phone number to call for somebody who appears to be the owner. (No answer at that phone number). Has anyone been there lately and know the story?

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    1. re: jen kalb

      Thanks! I hadn't seen it. (It sounds like K Kitchen barely exists). I am going to go try the buffet one day soon.

      1. re: gnosh

        The "old" Kerala Kitchen was excellent, especially the weekend buffet. It hasn't been as good since the new owners took over. The buffet is half the size and there are far fewer Keralan dishes. However, those few Keralan dishes are still the only Keralan food you'll find in NYC. It's still worth going for those dishes alone.

        1. re: el jefe

          Thanks. I wish I'd made it out there for that buffet. I guess the web site with the phone number must belong to the old owner.

    2. I forget what it was called, but they had a curry made of small whole onions. It was outstanding.

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      1. re: NYJewboy

        that baby onion curry was indeed excellent and much different from anything else we had ever had. We havent been there for about 8 monthes but last time were somewhat dissappointed. Not 100 percent sure but from reading the article it sounds like the new place is owned by the old owner of Kerala kitchen - they were always struggling - had constant conversations with the owner about that ( I am a caterer and we meet at a showcase event where we were both exhibiting) His food was great but not sure if he had the restaurant expertise - it's not easy for sure.

        and the location is so remote - with a very ethnocentric audience. That whole area of floral park is amazing for ultra fresh indian foods.