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Mar 7, 2009 01:18 PM

Korean BBQ recomendations?

Taking wife, 7 year old daughter out for Korean BBQ in Little Korea tonight and would love some ideas. I've always gone to the place at 32 W 32nd St. I think it's called sot bull something and it's been around forever. Only requirement, besides being good, is that I'd like to have the grill brought to the table. Thanks all!

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  1. i like ny kom tang, which is the place you're talking about, but i think madangsui is the best in ktown now (best quality of meat)

    here's some posts:

    1. Kang Suh is possibly the most popular , however, their prices have gone up over the years and it's no bargain. Also, they stopped using wood to bbq. I prefer 32 W32nd. they will bring coals to your table if you ask for that. otherwise you get a gas grill. Besides bbq, their other cooked dishes are really good. The meat quality is good.

        1. madangsui is reported to have the best meat but i didn't love it when we tried it (and we tried a pretty good selection).

          i agree with the won jo suggestion...they bring the grill / hot charcoals to the table. just avoid the seafood had quite literally ONE oyster and the tiniest bits of nondescript pieces of seafood and still cost $20!

          i also really like chung moo ro. the last time i went they served bbq with the rice wrappers, which not many restaurants bother with (apparently, it's a little messy?) but is SO good.