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Mar 7, 2009 01:03 PM

Real Chinese in Miami

Hi all,
...any thoughts on authentic (non-Western) Chinese food in greater miami?...hoping....

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  1. Non-dim sum, I take it? There's extensive dim sum discussion on this board if you search.

    I'm not authentic Chinese, and I've only had the dim sum there, but I suspect one of your better bets may be South Garden down in South Miami. There's a link to a take-out menu here and the second page shows some promise->

    1. At this moment I would say:

      King Palace Chinese Bar-BQ Restaurant
      330 NE 167th St, Miami

      Silver Palace Chinese Restaurant
      5771 SW 137th Ave, Miami

      Canton Palace
      7980 SW 8th St
      Miami, FL 33144

      Sort of in that order. They mostly serve authentic Hong Kong style Chinese food, though be sure to let them know you want authentic Chinese and not the American menu. Some dishes by the same name are cooked differently in AMerican or Chinese style. King Palace is famous for their Chinese BBQ.

      South Garden used to be good but has gone downhill. The last few times I went, the place hardly filled up during weekend dim sum hours. Unlike China Pavilion in Pembroke, which fills up before 11:30am on a Sunday.

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      1. re: tarepanda

        sang's is always good for some good cantonese seafood (their razor clams in black bean sauce are always good, as are the eel dishes). toa toa for dim sum, and peppers up in pembroke for schzwan and hot pot (the hotpot is actually why i go there). King's is very good as well...and i no longer like south garden either.

        1. re: kevdog

          I haven't been to South Garden for a while so I'll take your guys word for it on the decline. Too bad.

          1. re: kevdog

            Can you say a bit more about the hot pot? I know it is all you can eat, but what is available? How does it work, a buffet or do they bring the raw food to your table? Are there different choices for the hot pot broth?

            1. re: FoodDude2

              The hotpot is definitely more themed for Chinese. It includes a choice of either spicy or regular broth; the meats are generally lamb, beef, fish (tilapia i think), fish balls, etc. Tofu, greens, noodles are there too. They also have nice stuff like beef tendon, taro, lotus roots for those who like the stuff. I think we paid somewhere around $19-20 a head, but again, it was all you can eat - you just need to tell them what you want more of.

            2. re: kevdog

              Lung Gong on SW 8 Street and 119th avenue used to be quite good for Szechuan. I have not been in well over a year, but would still recommend it after suggesting it in February to a delegation from China who reported enjoying it tremendously.

              1. re: Icantread

                We went to Lung Gong last night for a friends birthday dinner (friend's favorite Chinese restaurant). My first time there. The food was outstanding. We had great steamed homemade dumplings, marinaded napa cabbage, fried quail-great, don don noodles, my favorite was spicy lamb with coriander. The duck with beer was okay. Not much in the decor department but food was outstanding. There was another table having hot pot which I would like to try next time.
                Check it out if you enjoy authentic Chinese food.

                1. re: Vee7

                  Thanks for reviving this thread. This sounds like exactly the kind of restaurant I have been looking for.

                  1. re: racer x

                    I just had dim sum at South Garden on Sunday at 12:30. The place was packed, 80% Chinese clientele, and tasty as it has always been.

                2. re: Icantread

                  We recently visited Lung Gong for dinner and sampled a number of dishes.
                  Easily the best Chinese food we have had in South Florida.

                  Lung Gong Restaurant
                  11920 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33184