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Mar 7, 2009 11:20 AM

Who has the best authentic Mexican torta in Austin?

I've never had a Mexican torta – in fact, I just found out they existed. So I want to try one but I want it to be a good, authentic torta. Someone help guide me here.

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  1. I'm a pretty big fan of Taqueria Arandas #5, on South 1st St. The bolillo is always toasted really nicely. I usually get the avocado filling, and they're pretty generous with it.

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    1. re: chrischris

      i've never been, but there has been lotsa talk about the yum-factor of taqueria arandas.

      i myself have never had anything bad at taco deli, and they do offer a torta so that's my uneducated vote, for what it's worth.

      oh and if you do go? get the creamy avocado salsa.
      i could drink it with a straw, even through that sinus-drain of the burn...

    2. La Mexicana on S. 1st. They rock! The bread is baked right there, and I'd vote for them.

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        okay, as much as i love tacodeli, that sounds way better...

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          I've had the tortas at each of the places mentioned, and while all are good (tortas are good in general), I would actually recommend two other places for a better experience:

          The best torta, IMHO, is at the taco truck on S 1st not far from La Mexicana and La Reyna. I wish I could remember the name. It's on the east side of the road in front of a strip mall. Dang this is not very helpful...

          The second best is at Habaneros on Oltorf.

      2. for some reason the mention of tortas made me think of gorditas, so if you'll pardon a slight tangent: the best gordita i've had in austin BY FAR came from a little trailer just past 51st and Airport, near Casey's Snowballs. It's called La Caneria. plan on waiting about 10 minutes for the masa to cook on the griddle. a warm pocket of lettuce, tomatoes, avocado, sour cream, and your choice of meats awaits. I'd go for the al pastor: red and rich and tough to beat.

        1. So after all the reviews I tried the torta at the taco truck on South 1st across the street from the area between La Mexicana and La Reyna. Delicious!!! What a great sandwich. If this is the best in town, then I'm spoiled. I got the Al Pastor and unfortunately I didn't take note of what exactly was in it, but I do remember it had avocado and a generous amount of mayonnaise.

          Also, a quick note about this truck in general – it was really clean. I know they aren't always clean, but I was impressed by this one.

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          1. re: italyvespa

            My favorite so far is the chicken torta at El Pollo Rico, and the ones at La Parilla were pretty decent, irc. I'll have to try one at Arandas and maybe from the taco truck discussed. Anyone think they're that much better than Arandas or El Pollo Rico?

          2. For me, Austin's best Torta is at Panderia Chuy's (183 and Ohlen). Something about the smell of the bread baking in the panderia intensifies the sandwich's taste. I ask for the jalapenos/carrots on the side as the vineger taste will overwhelm the other ingrediants otherwise.