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Mar 7, 2009 10:25 AM

Definitive beer store?

Is there a place in Chicago where I can shop that caters to the beer explorer? What liquor stores in Chicago have the "awsome" beer selection as there hook. I am new to Chicago and have yet to find "my store".

On a fluke- anyone know where I can find a good SAKE dealer. Someone knowledgable and well stocked?

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  1. The two places I have been impressed with their selection are Binny's ( and Sam's Wines ( - they both have locations around Chicago - they each a super store - in CHicago proper which has the largest selection - Sam's in Lincoln Park and Binnys on South Jefferson in the loop

    1. I like both Sams and Binny's but if you're looking for something a bit more local, I also like Warehouse Liquors at 634 S. Wabash ( It's nice and local and the guys that work there are really friendly. A couple of them are really into beer and will ask you what you thought of your last purchase and recommend something for you. Their selection isn't quite as large as Sams or Binny's but I like the store a lot.

      Warehouse Liquors
      634 S Wabash Ave, Chicago, IL

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        Between Warehouse Liquors, and the Binny's that weinstein5 mentioned, and the new Sam's that just opened across the street from Bongo Room, it seems like the South Loop is beer central now! ;)

      2. While primarily devoted to wine, both outlets of Lush (on Halsted and Roscoe) have very good beer selections and they'll even let you taste stuff. They have off-the-beaten-path microbrewery items, imports, you name it.

        1. I don't know about the city but if you are ever in the suburbs, Mistuwa Marketplace in Arlington Heights has a really good selection of Sake. And if you're hungry they have a food court that offers Chinese, Japanese, and Korean cuisine for a really good price...only catch is that it's cash only.

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            Does Fox-Obel have a beer selection?

            I'm staying near Illinois and State and would like to have some beer for the hotel room.

            Any suggestions close by or at least close via Metro?

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              R u looking for anything specific? Fox and Obel while not far, is at least a half mile east of you. There is a Jewel close to you that is one of the 2 major supermarket chains in the area. If you are venturing to Fox and Obel, there is also a fairly big liquor store across the street called Uncork It.

          2. The only place I go for the "awesome" beer selection you are looking for is West Lakeview Liquors ( This place is there for beer geeks. Its on Addison don't know what part of Chicago you are in but this place is so worth the trip!

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              Second that. Binny's and Sam's are good, but WLL tops them both for variety, top shelf and rare choices..

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                AWSOME! Thanks so much. I had no idea. My wife works around the corner! I can't wait to check it out.