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Mar 7, 2009 09:59 AM

Best bacon in San Diego?!

Just got done having our first pkg of bacon from the Linkery, and all we can say is WOW. By far the best bacon I have ever had. Lightly smoked, plenty of actual meat, complex flavors from the honey and smoke...outstanding!

I usually get the bacon from Siesel's, and like the bulk applewood smoked bacon from Vons, but the Linkery stuff blew us away. Anyone else try it yet?

FWIW, here is how I have been cooking the bacon lately: Heat the oven to 375-400F, place the bacon on a wire cooke rack, place that on a cookie sheet (with walls), and cook about 15 minutes without flipping. The elevated rack enables the fat to render and drip away, and both sides crisp so you don't have to flip. Healthier than pan frying, but just as tasty, and the best part: no grease splatter!

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  1. That's exactly how I cook my bacon. You also end up with flatter, more symmetrical bacon. And each slice is evenly cooked and crispier. As for restaurant bacon, The Big Kitchen in South Park is the only restaurant I've been to that got it right. I asked for very crisp, almost burnt, and they got it right. Thanks, Judy!!!

    1. Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad has great bacon.

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        Tip Top Meats is one of my regular stops when I'm passing through the Carlsbad area because I love the fact that they're an old fashioned family owned German butcher shop which does everything right on site. Their bacon is top notch, thick cut, and they have some creative flavors available too if someone is looking for something different.

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          Tip Top's double-smoked slab bacon.

      2. Has anyone tried their country ham? Is it anything like Smithfield ham? (not the brand, but the ham from Smithfield County, Virginia)

        1. You should look into the chacuterie book from Ruhlman. It is quite easy to make your own bacon which gives you also the chance to play around with different ingredients/taste profiles and gives you also the best control about the meat source itself. My wife and I are just in the process to start to explore the world of homemade chacuterie and cheese. Bacon will be one of our first projects.

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            I absolutely agree - both on the Charcuterie rec and on making your own bacon.

            Pork belly is inexpensive and reasonably easy to get - we've been happy with bellies from both Siesel's and Ranch 99. Even better - get some jowls from Da-Le Ranch at the Little Italy Farmers Market and make your own Guanciale...

          2. I know this may sound like sacrilege, but we get our bacon from the meat counter at Albertsons - in fact, it's usually the only reason we shop there. Generally runs about 3.29/lb. The bacon has plenty of fat but doesn't shrink down like packaged bacon. And it's about half the price!

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            1. re: mimosa

              I agree with Albertson's. Not really "gourmet" bacon, but so much better than the packaged kinds. Also, nicely smoked, and sliced thick. Much easier to run to Albertson's for a quick bacon fix.

              1. re: JesterSD

                I picked up some Albertson's bacon after a visit to O'briens a week ago or so. Definitely better than any of the packaged bacon but I didn't find it as interesting as the stuff from Vons (and nowhere near the LInkery bacon).

                Nice option though if you are getting stuff at Albertsons

                1. re: MrKrispy

                  I try to get the butcher to slice it thick for me or at a minimum, I'll but pre-cut thick smokey bacon that I bake in the oven with cracked pepper. I don't like that paper thin stuff that you can see through.