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Mar 7, 2009 09:34 AM

Co-op Grape Escape Mar 20-21

Anyone been to one?

There are few details on the website

Are there really "Premiun wine producers"?

What does $40 get you?

Thanks for any guidance.

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  1. $40 gets you into the event... all u can sample/drink... (ie. you don't need to buy tasting tickets... $40 is all u pay for the event)... very few premium wine producers.. most are all low to medium end wines... ie. mostly things they carry at co-op liquor store... Besides wine, there's also beer, liqueurs, rum, rye, scotch, vodka, etc.

    Personally, I think it's worth it.. I've been to several of these. It's a good opportunity to try stuff you normally might be hesitant to try... better than buying a whole bottle of something and finding out you don't like it..

    1. It's worth a visit if you've never been. There are also several food vendors there - a nice mix of a friendly crowd too. Ditto the previous poster regarding med - low, but tasting things you would never buy or dare to taste in order to know what it is you're missing. And sometimes you find something you're surprised by. All worth it for $40 I say.