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Mar 7, 2009 09:31 AM

Re-heating mac and cheese?

I know this is not the ideal way to serve mac and cheese, but if I make it in advance and want to serve it at a later time, what (if any) is the preferable way to reheat it?
I am thinking of making Alton Brown's stovetop mac and cheese, and wonder if I should heat it back up on the stove, in the oven, or in the microwave. Any input will be appreciated.
I am thinking of preparing this for someone who would greatly appreciate it, and could get several home-cooked, hot, meals out of it, so whatever method retains the creamy, yummy taste is what I would want.

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  1. If possible keep sauce and pasta separate. You can gently reheat the sauce on the stove w/ a little extra milk or cream if nec. then add pasta to warm w/o overcooking it. If you're trying to get a few meals out of it, I would each time just heat the amount of sauce you'll use. If the recipient can't or won't do this, my second choice would be to pack it in single servings to be baked and again add a bit more liquid to maintain creaminess on second heating.

    1. BX, the gentle reheating at 270F in a convection or conventional oven will be the kindest to your Mac & Cheese. The microwave tends to modify starches in pasta and overheats cheese. Stove top needs very gentle heat in a heavy pan. If you produce several meals worth it will be best to portion them out in the small individual aluminum pans you can buy at the grocery or dollar store.

      1. Microwave, covered, slowly on low power is best, in my opinion. Otherwise, in a double boiler or by putting a covered bowl of M&C in a steamer. The oven and direct stovetop heat increase the chance that it will dry out.

        1. I make mine for some BBQ's that I cater. I cook just shy of the required time and don't brown. I refrigerate and then when ready bring to room temp add some additional broth and cream mix and then cover and cook 15 minutes at 400, then uncover put bread crumbs which I use or none if you prefer then bake uncovered for 15 to brown. I use that method all the time.

          1. Are we really capable of giving an answer on behalf of Alton Brown?

            E-mail him

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              Probably not, but my recipe does work for most mac and cheese. Don't know about reheating his. Alton does rule!

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                  Don't know his. I use my way for reheating when making ahead all the time. For reheating when already cooked. I use the micro with a little additional cream and always worked, but I did small portions. I use the first method when catering or for large crowds.