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Mar 7, 2009 08:19 AM

Cool space to throw a party?

Hi. I need an interesting, not to formal (but not VFW) kind of place to throw a party for 100 people. It's in May. I would love to bring either own alcohol or own food. It can be in the city or in the burbs. Any suggestions would be greatly appriciated.

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  1. I have seen awesome looking parties either outside Fonthill Castle in Doylestown or upstairs in the carriage house there. The settling is lovely.

    1. Old Mill near Media, PA. They have a dedicated caterer, but you bring your own alcohol. I got married there, so let me know if you have specific questions.

      1. You can rent some of the boathouses on boathouse row for not a lot of money. BYOeverything! I had catered parties at one of them several years ago and it was very nice.

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        1. re: Bigley9

          Did you get to choose your caterer?

          1. re: alonna Smith

            You bring your own caterer and your own liquor (I think, I was the caterer)

        2. Check out DiBruno Brothers on Chestnut. Cool upstairs space that could probably hold ~100.

          1. Lucky Strike Bowling on Chestnut in CC-------cool modern bowling alley and lounge. Food prices not outrageous, but probably have to pay for alcholo there. Fun atmosphere.

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              lucky strike is very expensive fyi. if you want a good photography-type studio or something similar, i would recommend power plant productions in old city.