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Mar 7, 2009 08:18 AM

Knoxville Orangery: needs a buyer

Things don't look good for this cornerstone of Knoxville dining. The comments in the article pretty much sum up the situation.

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  1. Sad news.....there was a time when The Orangery had a corner of the fine dining market. Times have changed since the 70's and there are too many other fine dining restaurants opening every day. As time as passed, the Sequoyah Hills matrons who supported the restaurant have also passed.

    1. Here's a second newspaper article about what The Orangery used to be and some of the diners.

      I wonder where the matrons will go if we loose the Orangery; there were a group who used to meet for Bridge and then lunch.

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      1. re: shallots

        so sad...I had my first adult date there.

      2. Thats sad, that place is a Knoxville landmark.