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Mar 7, 2009 07:56 AM

Great Egyptian grilled fish at Asmak Taama

After reading Sietsema's review in the VV a couple of weeks ago (link below), compounded with my desire for a fresh fish dinner that wouldn't break the bank, we decided to head out to Asmak Taama a couple of nights ago.

It's a simple, no-frills kind of place. Zack and Cody on a flat-screen (which they comically changed to Cheaters later on in the evening), little decorations. Well, save for the stainless steel stand in the front window which displays the catch of the day - stunningly fresh red snapper, striped bass, prawns, etc.

Upon recommendation of the waitress/cook, we ended up with the striped bass. It's coated in flour, dipped in seawater, and then grilled perfectly. Yes, grilling a flour coating burns the hell out of it, but it's an amazing flavor, like burnt ends but crumbly and fishy. The fish was cooked perfectly - moist, yet flaky. Limes served for flavoring instead of lemons, and that's about it.

We also got the babaghanouj, which isn't very creamy (no tahini maybe?) but chock full of garlic - it's wonderful, but a little watery. The fish was served with two small salads, a plate of spicy pickled radishes, and a decent portion of "dirty rice". These were fine and filled us up, but nothing to write home about.

The price for a rather large meal including a fairly large striped bass that was probably close to two pounds? $20 including tax, but not tip. Brilliant.

Of note, we were also going to check out Samakmak, also rated highly by the VV, but it's no longer there. It's since been replaced by a hookah lounge called Miami or something like that.

Asmak Taama
413 Bay Ridge Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

6916 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

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  1. This place is unreal. After reading Lambretta76 and voice review, I had to go. Place is several blocks from my house and it's the real deal. I will be eating here all summer long. Best fish I ever had, period. Although one could argue its the best preparation of fish i ever had. First time i had a mouth watering tilapia grilled black like everyone talks about; peel away the blackened skin and it's the moistest fish you've ever had. My girl got a fried flounder and she is still talking about it. Sadly both times the place was empty, i am taking everyone i know here. Seems like every time we find a great place it closes down. Our tab for two $26 plus the tip. Please go, you will not regret it, let's keep this place in Bay Ridge!

    1. Hmm, I would def like a place like this but I am never in Bay Ridge and do not make care to make a journey there.
      Perhaps if I am kidnapped to the area.
      Egyptians can definitely do some good seafood.
      Good note even if I never get around to it.